Super funds are innovating for the benefit of members

John Collett Most people don't think about their super until they hit their late 40s or early 50s. It's usually not until then that they take the first close look at their super.


Budget 2016: Transition-to-retirement scheme is hobbled

The transition-to-retirement scheme helps older workers build their retirement nest eggs at the time they need it most.

Mark Bouris Financial expert Mark Bouris gives his verdict on whether the transition-to-retirement (TTR) scheme is still worthwhile.


Australians dream of early retirement but can't afford it

John Collett

John Collett More Australians want to retire early than just about any other nationality, but we are also less likely to afford it.


Why 'transition to retirement' is the best-kept secret in super

''Transition to retirement'' lets mature-age workers scale back their hours of work.

Mark Bouris There's an under-used government policy that allows the benefits of both working and using your super, without totally losing the advantages of either.


'Transition to retirement' pensions encourage people to work longer

Daryl Dixon Far from being a tax dodge, the ability to start a superannuation pension while still working encourages people to stay in the workforce for some time.


Retirement calculators mislead super fund members

The online calculators on some super funds' websites are shoddy.

John Collett Some of the retirement calculators on the websites of the largest super funds are misleading fund members.


How the transition-to-retirement pension might change in the May budget

Noel Whittaker Politicians from all sides of politics are gazing wistfully at our superannuation. 


Super gravy train costs retirement savings plenty

John Collett

John Collett The $2 trillion superannuation industry is a gravy train for the financial services industry.


How can we make the most of looming retirement?

Working and saving money for as long as possible may be the best strategy for those approaching retirement.

George Cochrane What's the best solution for a couple galloping toward post-work life with a small super balance?


Five tried and true ways to plan for retirement

Olivia Maragna

Olivia Maragna Here are five lessons from existing retirees who have found themselves wishing they had done something different when they could.


More boomers in retirement debt trap

John Collett Survey finds there's more debt all round but one group seems resigned to carrying it into their post-work life.

CEDA highlights retirement income policy flaws

Under today's rules, retiring without owning a home guarantees a substandard level of living. Photo: Erin Jonasson

Daryl Dixon A proposal to allow first-home buyers access to their super has been criticised - but it has many merits.

Retirement dreams a mismatch with savings reality

Six out of 10 Australians expect their current standard of living to remain the same after they retire, while most people are likely to have less.

Sally Rose Australians have unrealistic expectations about the lifestyle they will be able to afford in retirement.

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Government must act on gender retirement gap

A couple of million workers on low incomes, most of them women, are taxed more highly on super contribution than on their income.

John Collett Survey finds more women than men are concerned they'll not have enough to fund retirement.


Working through the retirement policy maze

Daryl Dixon Any moves to change super rules need to take into account job security - or the lack of it.


Retirement policy muddle puts retirees at risk

Daryl Dixon Many people have made irreversible decisions based on current age pension rules. Planned changes will hit them hard.


Asset test plans will skew retirement savings strategies

Changes to the asset test for the Age Pension incentivise pensioners to reduce their capital, for instance by improving the family home.

Daryl Dixon The higher assets-test taper rate announced in the budget penalises those saving for their retirement.


Budget changes rip retirement plans to shreds

If you want to be sure of a comfortable retirement, the safest approach is not to count on the age pension at all.

Richard Livingston The Treasurer says he wants to 'reassure all Australian workers they can have confidence in their retirement plans'. Baloney.

Exorbitant super fees compromise quality of retirement: Grattan

Australians currently pay more than $200 a year on administration fees for the average default super fund and almost $800 for a fund of choice.

Ruth Liew Australians are paying $21 billion in superannuation fees each year, increasing the urgency for the government to run tenders to select better funds for savers.

Comfortable retirement may cost more than $1m, say experts

If $1 million in super was used to buy a lifetime income today, it would fetch about $1297 a fortnight.

Ruth Liew Taking an ultra-conservative approach to calculating superannuation returns may be inaccurate, as experts remain split whether Australians will be able to retire comfortably on a $1 million nest egg.