Capital Gains Tax


Inheritance best put towards new home

George Cochrane If the economy continues to grow we can only assume that so will property prices.


Path to retirement

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George Cochrane Focus on enjoying your money, rather than leaving it to younger relatives.


Landlords keep tax-time wheels in motion

John Collett dinkus

John Collett The Tax Office releases a list of targets for tax time at this time each year, but a perennial target is property investors.


Maximise the money in your pocket at tax time

Melissa Browne The end of the financial year is only a few weeks away and the key to getting a better return this year is to do something rather than hope that it happens.


Realising value from shares that are worthless

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Tony McLean If you have shares that are really of little or no value, you may be able to realise a capital loss for tax purposes in 2012-13.


Dropping the ball now can be costly

Money cover, Tax issue. 12/06/13 illustration: Jamie Smetkowski

Barbara Drury The big challenge facing Australian taxpayers this month is to reduce their tax bill before the end of the financial year without getting the Tax Office umpire offside.

Insight: tax

Clancy Yeates

Clancy Yeates Now is about the time many people begin the yearly chore of digging out all those receipts and other papers needed to complete their tax returns.

Henry warning to lift revenue

Dr Ken Henry.

Clancy Yeates State and federal governments must extract more tax revenue if they are to fund the nation's ballooning infrastructure needs in decades to come, former Treasury secretary Ken Henry says.

Taxing 'super' rich a good idea badly handled

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Richard Livingston The government has cottoned on to a fair point but they are struggling to articulate it.

Relief when needed

Annette Sampson

I Can Do That The strategy: To work out whether I can benefit from the proposed ''carry-back'' provisions.

In the tax office sights


Annette Sampson More than 1500 people have been prosecuted by the Tax Office in the past year as it steps up its efforts to track down tax cheats.

Rental checklist


When it comes to claiming deductions, the Tax Office finds many landlords get it wrong because they don't know better.

June 30 tax tips to save a bundle

Save money at tax time.

Annette Sampson Another financial year done and dusted. Well, almost. With a little more than four weeks to go until June 30, it is high time to get in some last-minute tax planning.

Prepare for your return

Annette Sampson

Annette Sampson The strategy: To get my things together to do this year's tax return.

Tax breaks for wealthy under fire


Adele Horin A crackdown on federal waste and unfair tax breaks is needed to fund social and economic reforms.

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Ask Noel

Interest on shares versus bank deposits

noel whittaker

Noel Whittaker What is the difference between the amount earned from investing in shares and from investing in bank deposits?

Max Newnham

CGT is as certain as death and taxes

Talking tax.

Business Maxims Unless the owner of a business plans to be carried out in a pine box, and they have been working on the business to maximise its profitability and value, at some point capital gains tax could become...

Tax issues: wait for the details to be announced

In an off-market buyback, the company can enter into a special arrangement with the Tax Office so that the bulk of the offer price is in the form of a fully franked dividend.

Tax traps for landlords


I Can Do That The strategy: To avoid rental property tax traps.

Offshore scrutiny


Lesley Parker The rent you are quietly picking up from a property you own in, say, New Zealand or Britain could land you in hot water if you are not including it in your tax return, with the Australian Taxation...