Volatile times for CSIRO

Stephen Cauchi CSIRO had a rough time of it from the start. At its founding as a government science body in 1920, diseases like tick fever, blowfly strike and wheat rust threatened the nation's vital primary...

CSIRO warns funding cut would hurt innovation

Generic cash.

Bridie Smith The head of the CSIRO's business and commercialisation arm has warned that a funding cut in next month's federal budget would have long-term detrimental effects on the nation's ability to innovate.


CSIRO 'apologises' for lack of research on dragons


Ben Westcott The CSIRO has promised to step up its dragon research program, after a seven-year old girl wrote asking them to make her a dragon.

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CSIRO cuts will impact Australia's ability to combat deadly bushfires: staff

csiro 030511 AFR photo illustration by Karl Hilzinger.  CSIRO dissected
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pic shows a surgeon dissecting the csiro logo

Noel Towell Job cuts at Australia's frontline science agency will hurt the nation's ability to combat the threat of deadly bushfires, according to CSIRO staff.

Espionage fears at CSIRO

Our internet habits are being scrutinised if not by spyware that secretly monitors every keystroke we make then by employers who want to check staff aren't bludging.
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Richard Baker, Nick McKenzie Australian intelligence and security agencies are investigating a suspected industrial espionage case at the CSIRO, the nation's top scientific organisation.

Chinese's scientist absence exposed alleged spying activities at CSIRO

Richard Baker, Nick McKenzie A CSIRO scientist's failure to show up for work led Australia's top scientific organisation to uncover a suspected spy in its ranks.

CSIRO plans anti-bully unit after probe

Noel Towell Government science agency the CSIRO is setting up an internal bully-busting unit.

Inquiry call on CSIRO 'bullying'


Noel Towell An inquiry should be held into Commonwealth science agency CSIRO and the treatment of its 6600-strong workforce amid claims ''of criminal conduct and commercial fraud'', the federal opposition says.

Call for CSIRO bullying probe

Sophie Mirabella.

Noel Towell The federal opposition wants an inquiry into the Commonwealth science agency, the CSIRO, and the treatment of its 6600-strong workforce amid claims of ''criminal conduct and commercial fraud'' in the...

Probe into CSIRO 'bullying'

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Linton Besser THE CSIRO has announced an ''independent'' inquiry into a string of serious allegations of misconduct and workplace bullying by as many as 100 former scientists, two months after it was issued with a...

CSIRO's lollygate litigant is denied the sweet taste of success

NEWS: Former CSIRO employee Jack Hoffman who was fired after being seen after work eating McDonalds was also in trouble with his former employer over a lolly that he chipped his tooth on. 13th March 2013. Photo by MELISSA ADAMS of The Canberra Times.

Noel Towell In deep space no one can hear you scream, even if you break your tooth on an office-supplied lolly.

CSIRO duped global drug firm with generic chemicals as 'secret formula'

Test Tube Being Held By A Gloved Hand .  Research & Development .  R & D .  Laboratories .

Linton Besser and Nicky Phillips The CSIRO has duped one of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies into buying anti-counterfeit technology that could be easily compromised - passing off cheap chemicals it had bought from China...

CSIRO faked documents, whistleblower tells court

Former CSIRO worker Martin Williams.

Nicky Phillips, Linton Besser A senior CSIRO manager who blew the whistle on the alleged illegal use of intellectual property by CSIRO was forced out of the country's peak scientific body after senior staff convened ''sham'' job...

Damning court appraisal of CSIRO decision process

Former CSIRO worker Martin Williams.

Nicky Phillips, Linton Besser Staff convened 'sham' job selection panels and faked official document to mislead whistleblower.

CSIRO cuts to hit Canberra


Hamish Boland-Rudder Canberra’s CSIRO divisions are bracing for "significant" job losses after the national science organisation announced significant budget cuts for the upcoming financial year would see about 200 jobs...

CSIRO develops bird flu test kits

CSIRO's MaiHlaing Loh holds influenza controls from the  bird flu vaccine pack kit.

Bridie Smith Australian scientists have played a vital role in developing the diagnostic test for the latest deadly strain of bird flu, and their work is now being exported.

CSIRO says no deception in sale to Novartis

Science for sale

Nicky Phillips and Linton Besser The CSIRO has denied it duped the pharmaceutical maker Novartis into buying a compromised anti-counterfeit device to protect millions of medicine vials.

CSIRO's zapper war on fruit pest

Nicky Phillips The CSIRO has invented machines that use microwaves to kill insects inside fresh fruit.

CSIRO inquiry finds 'empathy lacking'


Linton Besser and Nicky Phillips An inquiry into workplace bullying at the CSIRO may lead to a misconduct unit.

Inquiry 'wake-up' call for CSIRO

CSIRO Chief Executive, Dr. Megan Clark, holds a media conference regarding bullying in the workplace.

Noel Towell Investigators want to pursue nearly 50 allegations of bullying and harassment at Commonwealth science agency CSIRO.