Bianca Hall

Bianca Hall

Bianca Hall is a political correspondent based in Canberra.

Fraud charges: Slipper no plea

Bianca Hall THE former speaker Peter Slipper, below, will not be required to enter a plea when he appears at the Canberra Magistrates Court accused of defrauding the Commonwealth on Friday morning.

400 more asylum seekers expected by end of week

The Australian Customs and Border Protection vessel Ocean Protector waits on standby in Flying Fish Cove, Christmas Island as tourists snorkel in the shallow waters.
26th March 2013
Photo: Wolter Peeters
The Sydney Morning Herald

Bianca Hall Locals are bracing for another lot of asylum seekers, following the arrival of almost 300 so far this week.

Nauru rioters face sanctions

Nauru detention centre.

Bianca Hall Six asylum seekers have been taken to hospital, while 125 are held in jail after Friday's riots.

Bianca Hall

Police to monitor net use by suspects

Bianca Hall New laws will allow authorities to collect and monitor Australians' internet records, including their web-browsing history, social media activity and emails and phone text messages.

Data store plan sparks a chorus of disapproval

Bianca Hall, Ben Grubb, Lucy Battersby Proposed laws that would allow the web and telecommunications data of all Australians to be stored for two years have been dubbed ''characteristic of a police state''.

Legal use of cannabis, ecstasy for over-15s backed by state medical body


Bianca Hall A REPORT by a group of prominent Australians that recommends Australia rethink its criminalisation of illicit drugs has been backed by the Victorian branch of the Australian Medical Association.

Police chiefs eager to harness technological advances

Bianca Hall AUSTRALIA's police commissioners want to help draft laws that would allow them to access the public's telecommunications data for up to two years.

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Police back push to keep telco data

Tony Negus

Bianca Hall Federal Police would 'ideally' like public's telecommunications data held indefinitely.

ASIC wants open sesame on all phone, internet data

Telcos say it would cost millions of dollars a month to keep as much data as the government is asking for.

Bianca Hall and Lucy Battersby ASIC calls for phone call and internet data to be made available for its war on white-collar crime.

Sri Lankan refugees are 'security threat'

Daniel Flitton, Bianca Hall Three more Sri Lankan refugees who fled the country's bloody civil war have been rounded up across Australia in the past week, having been branded a security threat by intelligence agencies.

Refugees rounded up as threats to security

Daniel Flitton, Bianca Hall Three more Sri Lankan refugees who fled the country's bloody civil war have been rounded up across Australia in the past week after being branded as a security threat by intelligence agencies.

Customs to beef up watch on islands

Daniel Flitton, Bianca Hall The near simultaneous arrival of three asylum seeker boats across a vast stretch of ocean has stretched Australia's border patrols as the government concedes more vessels are expected direct from Sri...