RSPCA Christmas Appeal 2013

RSPCA Christmas Appeal 2013 Photo shows, RSPCA Shelter in Yagoona Sydney.  Simba - German Shepherd crossbreed. Photo: Peter Rae Wednesday 4 December 2013.

SMH Photographer Peter Rae shoots a Noah's Ark of animals for the RSPCA Christmas Appeal. Meet Ducky, Clucky and Flappy Foot the ducks along with Hendricks, Dahlia, Peggy and Ted the mice and the...

MP backs RSPCA over use of controversial 'kill tests'


Nicole Hasham THE MP leading a review of the state's companion animal laws has backed the RSPCA's use of controversial ''temperament tests'' to determine whether dogs are put down, despite a study showing many...

Knackery video: RSPCA won't press charges

Horse slaughter causes outrage (Thumbnail)

Saffron Howden A knackery accused of the brutal treatment and inhumane slaughter of former racehorses will escape prosecution after the RSPCA decided covert footage of apparently conscious beasts being dragged...

RSPCA disgust at brutal swan attack

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RSPCA spokesman Greg Boland speaks out about the brutal attack on a swan in Melbourne's north.

RSPCA assesses Yasi damage

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RSPCA evacuates dogs and cats to shelters and foster homes as the extent of cyclone Yasi comes to light.

RSPCA: Tradition vs ethical animal treatment

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The RSPCA has long since condemned the use of whips in horse racing, however it doesn't seem to be enough to stop them from throwing a party for the Melbourne Cup.

RSPCA logo misleads pork buyers: farmers

Free-range farmers are urging the consumer watchdog to investigate the RSPCA's standards for pork sold in supermarkets.

RSPCA boss escapes cruelty prosecution

Allegations of animal cruelty against the head of the RSPCA have been dismissed and the animal protection agency is set to prosecute his accuser on an unrelated matter.

Beetlemania: Christmas is boom time for roaches, spiders and other insects

Byron Mulryan

Georgie Stone They don't bark, they don't need walking and you won't need to take them to the vet. Giant cockroaches and tarantulas are the new puppies and kittens as parents move away from giving their children...

Post sheds light on ASIO terror targets


Philip Dorling Statistics released by Australia Post show agency concentrating efforts on very small number of targets.

Woolworths to phase out all battery hen eggs

Battery Hens

Sarah Whyte All eggs from caged hens will be removed from the shelves of Woolworths over five years as the supermarket responds to growing consumer demand to address animal welfare, the supermarket chain will...

Abbott won't quail over Brough hunt

291111- Opposition leader Tony Abbott with the shadow treasurer Joe Hockey and his minister for finance and deregulation Andrew Robb at The Federal Parliament office in Sydney giving a press conference in relation to the OECD announcement overnight on the global economy. SMH NEWS Photo: Domino Postiglione

Judith Ireland Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is standing by Liberal candidate Mal Brough, despite calls for the former Howard minister to be disendorsed after his fund-raiser used a menu that made lewd jokes about...

Christopher Knaus

Second piggery gets inspection

Christopher Knaus A second piggery linked to alleged cases of ''disgusting'' animal cruelty has been inspected by animal welfare groups, while the RSPCA said there were significant improvements in the past week at a...

Push for tougher dog laws

Image shows a typical American Pit Bull Terrier.

Henrietta Cook Veterinarians are calling for tough new dog laws that would result in more family pets being declared potentially dangerous.

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Australian sheep win stay of execution

Pakistan plans to cull thousands of Australian sheep after they were found to be infected with harmful bacteria, Karachi's top administration official said.

Richard Willingham Confusion remains about the fate of more than 20,000 Australian sheep in Pakistani feedlots, with local importers winning an injunction against a government order to cull the flock because they are...

Hundreds rally against live exports


Farrah Tomazin The push to ban live exports intensified today as hundreds of people took part in simultaneous rallies around the country in a bid to stop the inhumane treatment of animals.

Protesters call for live animal exports ban

People protest outside Parliament House, Brisbane.

Farrah Tomazin Thousands of people take part in simultaneous rallies around the country in a bid to stop the inhumane treatment of animals.

Life in wheelchair steep price for a short bucking ride to rodeo glory

John Crasti.

Saffron Howden Bound to a wheelchair and largely paralysed from the neck down, John Crasti wouldn't mind one last shot at the novice bull-riding buckle.

Sipping a Rudd is relaxing

Kevin Rudd said he was pleased sales would continue supporting the RSPCA.

While Kevin Rudd was not the Labor caucus' cup of tea, a year ago the people voted his blend the winner of Twinings' Australian afternoon tea competition.

Coles tackled on free-range plan

GREEN EGGS AFR 080825 MELB PIC BY JESSICA SHAPIRO. Generic from Green Eggs free range egg farm near the Grampians in Victoria. Chicken, hen, lay, farm, rural, buy, produce, farmers market, sell, food prices, lifestyle, environment. AFR FIRST USE ONLY PLEASE!!! SPECIALX 91032

Melissa Fyfe, Royce Millar A push by Coles to reshape the free-range egg market through a dramatic reduction in space for hens has come under fire, after two animal welfare groups questioned whether the eggs are genuinely free...