Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson is Canberra bureau chief. Most recently Chris was the National Political Correspondent for The Sunday Age and The Sun-Herald

Parliament overlooked cyclone Tracy hero Stretton

Chris Johnson The recent death of the man who led the recovery effort after cyclone Tracy devastated Darwin in 1974 was not noted in Federal Parliament, even though a condolence motion or ministerial statement was...

Independent accuses Abbott of hypocrisy

Chris Johnson Key independent MP Tony Windsor has delivered a blistering parliamentary attack on Opposition Leader Tony Abbott for what he describes as hypocrisy over carbon pricing.

Turnbull's honesty call sparks debate

ACCAN Conference
Photo Michele MOssop
Wed 7th Sept 2011
National Broadband and telcos are discussed at the Australian Communcations Consumer Actions Network conference . 
Malcolm Turnbull with iphone at UTS conference

Chris Johnson Liberal frontbencher Malcolm Turnbull has sparked debate about the quality of parliamentary question time by saying there was an urgent need for more honesty in politics.

Lawyer questions media presence

Police from Vic and NSW fraud squads raid Craig Thomson's house in Bateau Bay.

Chris Johnson The lawyer of suspended Labor MP Craig Thomson is outraged that the media appeared to have been alerted to a raids on the MP's home before it occurred.

Moving on up

Kevin Rudd and Therese Rein Meets and Greets people in Queen street mall in Brisbane.

Chris Johnson More Labor backbenchers have joined the ranks of the undecided in tomorrow's leadership ballot, following additional high level support for Kevin Rudd and overwhelming public opinion in favour of the...

Gillard keeps her ministers sweating

Chris Johnson Prime Minister Julia Gillard is keeping her frontbench sweating, refusing to rule out punishing those ministers who publicly backed Kevin Rudd in this week's bitter leadership battle.

Abbott accuses PM of cover-up over embattled backbencher

Chris Johnson Opposition Leader Tony Abbott insists it is unconscionable for embattled Labor MP Craig Thomson to refuse to co-operate with police over investigations into alleged union corruption, adding that...

Gazelle-like Pyne dodges vote, but Abbott trapped

Chris Johnson Parliament has descended into high farce with scenes of Opposition Leader Tony Abbott making an undignified scramble to the exit in a frantic attempt to avoid a vote.

PM willing to give ground on refugee plan

Chris Johnson Prime Minister Julia Gillard wants to end the political stalemate over asylum seekers, suggesting she is prepared to make further changes to her border protection policies to do so.

Claims of plot against Slipper

Question Time in the House of Representatives.  Liberal back bencher  Peter Slipper.

Chris Johnson Federal Court documents allege a former adviser to Speaker Peter Slipper colluded with a News Ltd reporter in an attempt boost his own career and provide advantage to Mr Slipper's political rivals.