Dick Smith

Dick Smith loses right for OzEmite brand name


Jessica Wright Australian entrepreneur Dick Smith has lost a trademark battle to keep his patriotic salty spread, OzEmite, on the shelves.

A beet-up? Heinz threatens Dick Smith

Mulitnational food giant Heinz is threatening to sue Australian businessman Dick Smith over labelling on his cans of beetroot.

Heinz threatens Dick Smith over beetroot claims


HEINZ is threatening to sue Dick Smith over claims made on his company's beetroot tins.

Dick Smith goes on warpath about News Ltd's 'claptrap'

Dick Smith

Julian Lee THE entrepreneur Dick Smith has launched a stinging attack on News Corp and Kim Williams, the head of its local operations, News Ltd, branding the organisation's campaign against proposed media...

Dick Smith attacks News Ltd

Julian Lee Entrepreneur Dick Smith has launched a stinging attack on News Corp and Kim Williams, the head of its local operations, News Ltd, branding the organisation's campaign against proposed media reforms...

Woolworths to sell off Dick Smith

Woolworths to sell off Dick Smith

Woolworths say up to 100 Dick Smith stores will close when it sells the eletronics division, in order to step up its price war with Coles.

Dick Smith to rubbish namesake stores

Dick Smith to rubbish namesake stores

Entrepreneur and 'Buy Australian' campaigner Dick Smith says he will "rubbish" the electronics business he founded that still bears his name if it is sold into foreign ownership.

Woolworths to open 39 new stores as it reviews BigW, Dick Smith

Woolworths' new chief executive Grant O'Brien is planning an aggressive push to open 39 new supermarkets while reviewing the company's troubled BigW and Dick Smith stores.

Dick Smith sees red after supermarket giants can his Aussie beetroot

Alexandra Smith IT WAS the last hope for the Australian beetroot industry but even the entrepreneur Dick Smith could not save it.

Dick Smith's Population Puzzle

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Watch a preview of upcoming television documentary, Dick Smith's Population Puzzle.

Australia Day 2014: Retailers' patriotic products made in Asia

Allison Jeffares, Tara Waniganayaka Supermarkets have been slammed for selling Australia Day products that are made in China, Thailand and Taiwan.

Call for Aussie supermarkets aisles

australian made

Darren Gray Supermarkets should have a designated Australian-only aisle, or aisles, according to a farmer.

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Chef's call to back farmers

Maggie Beer.

Paddy Manning Celebrity chef Maggie Beer takes swipe at major supermarkets for failing Australian growers.

Famous foodie lashes supermarket stranglehold


Paddy Manning CELEBRITY chef and food producer Maggie Beer has taken a swipe at major supermarkets for pushing food prices lower and failing to support Australian growers.

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Online mega sale to lift local retail

The inaugural national online sales event, called Click Frenzy, will take place next Tuesday from 7pm.

Rachel Wells Some of Australia's biggest retailers sign on for Australia's version of America's online shopping phenomenon, Cyber Monday.

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Positive spin put on a virtual disaster

Click Frenzy director Grant Arnott.

Rachel Wells and Sarah Whyte THE event was supposed to show off Australia's online retail prowess and boost activity in the local retail sector, which has been haemorrhaging sales to overseas competitors for years.

Smith takes new tack in outing stingy bankers

Dick Smith.

David Sharaz Entrepreneur Dick Smith would throw the country's richest bankers out of the country if he could, saying they're the ''height of capitalism''.

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Bargain hunt begins online as spending nears $2 billion


Amy Corderoy, Annabel Ross CHRISTMAS spending was expected to reach $2 billion before the Boxing Day sales even began, the Australian National Retailers Association said.

Sales day madness replaced with just one click

Boxing day sales Sydney CBD on the 26th of december 2012Photo: Jacky Ghossein

Bridie Smith, Megan Levy THE age of the Boxing Day sales starting with a bang are over. These digital days, the trample or be trampled approach to discount shopping has been diluted by cyber space.

Lost in the crowd

juliet 020418 afr photo Andrew Lee

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Julie-Anne Davies In a Dick Smith store early last year, a 58-year-old woman made a silent protest. ''All the screens and sound systems were blaring.