Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson is Canberra bureau chief. Most recently Chris was the National Political Correspondent for The Sunday Age and The Sun-Herald

Gillard safe in her job for now: backbenchers

Chris Johnson Labor MPs are feeling electorally vulnerable but there is no firm plan to topple Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Oakeshott gives Labor sharp reminder of focus

Chris Johnson Government MPs are today scurrying to convince the Australian electorate they are more focussed on policy than on the embattled Labor leadership after a wake-up call from key independent Rob...

Gillard keeps her ministers sweating

Chris Johnson Prime Minister Julia Gillard is keeping her frontbench sweating, refusing to rule out punishing those ministers who publicly backed Kevin Rudd in this week's bitter leadership battle.

Abbott tells the faithful that he'll be next PM

Chris Johnson Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has declared he is confident Australians will send him to The Lodge, suggesting to a Liberal Party audience he is a sure bet to be prime minister.

Medical specifics 'no one's business'

Chris Johnson The federal opposition is under fire from the Australian medical fraternity for daring to question the validity of a doctor's certificate issued to troubled Labor MP Craig Thomson.

Gillard backers desert as poll chances slide

Chris Johnson Prime Minister Julia Gillard's woes have deepened, with more of her backers withdrawing support in the face of shocking poll results and continuing political crises.

Besieged Gillard asserts her leadership

Gillard told to 'sit down' (Thumbnail)

Chris Johnson Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has declared the government to be ''at war with itself'' amid talk of a renewed push to return Kevin Rudd to the Labor leadership.

PM brushes aside fresh talk of leadership spill

By Chris Johnson Prime Minister Julia Gillard is refusing to buy into a renewed surge in leadership speculation, sparked by chief government whip Joel Fitzgibbon, who suggested continued bad polling might see a...