Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson is Canberra bureau chief. Most recently Chris was the National Political Correspondent for The Sunday Age and The Sun-Herald

Rudd says Gillard crew needs to toughen up

Chris Johnson Former prime minister Kevin Rudd has delivered a clear message to government ministers who are angry that his time in office has been publicly defended, saying they should be tough enough to wear it.

PM silent on McKew's claims of disloyalty

Prime Minister Julia Gillard during Question Time at Parliament House in Canberra on Monday 29 October 2012.
Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Chris Johnson Prime Minister Julia Gillard is refusing to buy into the debate about the removal of her predecessor but Kevin Rudd wants those involved in the 2010 coup against him to come clean about the roles...

Asian Century stillborn as activity stalls

Dr Craig Emerson minister for trade at Parliament House.

Chris Johnson Rumblings within the public service suggest the much-publicised Asian Century white paper has stalled in its implementation stage, with the government taking too long to appoint an advisory board and...

Political instability unnerves public servants

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Chris Johnson Labor's leadership spill has done nothing to provide certainty to the public sector, which has been left in a state of flux over the government's inability to instil confidence in the people who work...

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Rudd dumps Gillard's carbon tax

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

Chris Johnson Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is scrapping the controversial carbon tax.

ALP eyes youth dole boot camps

Bill Shorten.

Chris Johnson Young job seekers would be forced into tough army-style boot camps in order to qualify for the dole, under an election policy being considered by the Rudd government.

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Labor picks $70b hole in Abbott policies

Chris Johnson Tony Abbott is under an election eve attack over an apparent $70 billion black hole in his campaign policies, with the government insisting the opposition would have to ''cut to the bone'' in health...

Gillard safe in her job for now: backbenchers

Chris Johnson Labor MPs are feeling electorally vulnerable but there is no firm plan to topple Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Oakeshott gives Labor sharp reminder of focus

Chris Johnson Government MPs are today scurrying to convince the Australian electorate they are more focussed on policy than on the embattled Labor leadership after a wake-up call from key independent Rob...

Poor poll puts pressure on PM

Chris Johnson Senior Labor figures are discussing the possibility of a return to Kevin Rudd as prime minister in the wake of the government's latest disastrous polling results.

PM pressed over role of faceless men in Carr offer

Chris Johnson Prime Minister Julia Gillard has again been forced to defend accusations she is controlled by Labor's faceless men, following revelations a senior party official offered former NSW premier Bob Carr a...

Recent form a winner for PM

Prime Minister Julia Gillard addresses the National Press Club of Australia in Canberra on Monday 3 September 2012.
Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Chris Johnson Labor backbenchers are rallying behind Prime Minister Julia Gillard, after what some describe as outstanding examples of her leadership over the past weeks.

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Rudd returns, saying too much is at stake not to speak up

Has Kevin Rudd changed? (Thumbnail)

Chris Johnson Former prime minister Kevin Rudd has vowed not to be silenced in the lead-up to the next federal election, saying there is too much at stake for Australia.

MPs split on Rudd's motive for interview

Chris Johnson Labor MPs are expressing two views about former prime minister Kevin Rudd's vow to lift his profile in arguing the government's case in the lead-up to the next election.

Polls buoy Labor MPs as they fall in behind the Prime Minister

Chris Johnson Federal Labor MPs are falling in behind Prime Minister Julia Gillard, following two opinion polls showing the government in its best position since March last year.

Rudd tells world he's still here and he's backing Gillard as the leader

Former Australian Prime Minister Mr Kevin Rudd.

Chris Johnson Kevin Rudd has publicly declared his support for Prime Minister Julia Gillard and has vowed to do all he can to help return Labor to office in next year's election.

Ministers defend PM as questions remain

Chris Johnson Government ministers have come to the defence of Prime Minister Julia Gillard, insisting there was nothing underhanded in the way she toppled Kevin Rudd for the Labor leadership in 2010.

Qantas admits axe will fall again

Chris Johnson More job cuts are on the way at Qantas, on top of the 500 announced yesterday. But Prime Minister Julia Gillard has still been quick to welcome labour market figures revealing an unexpected drop in...

Making lasting memories of leadership

Chris Johnson Following the leader was easy enough for St Mary MacKillop College students armed with smartphones and ear-to-ear grins yesterday, but the concept might have been more muddled for observers of...

Moving on up

Kevin Rudd and Therese Rein Meets and Greets people in Queen street mall in Brisbane.

Chris Johnson More Labor backbenchers have joined the ranks of the undecided in tomorrow's leadership ballot, following additional high level support for Kevin Rudd and overwhelming public opinion in favour of the...