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Markus Mannheim edits The Public Sector Informant and writes regularly about government administration and policy.

Wong to cut $550m but vows to leave jobs untouched

Finance Minister Penny Wong

Peter Martin, Markus Mannheim EXPERTS have expressed deep scepticism about the pledge by the Finance Minister, Penny Wong, yesterday to take an extra half a billion dollars from the public service without touching jobs.

PS wings clipped in war on costs

Minister for the Public Service and Integrity Gary Gray and Finance Minister Senator Penny Wong speak to the media during a doorstop interview at the Australian Institute of Company Directors Public Sector Governance Forum in Canberra on Tuesday 25 September 2012.
Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Ross Peake, Markus Mannheim Most federal bureaucrats will no longer fly business class on the eastern seaboard - if they travel to meetings at all - under further belt-tightening for the public service unveiled by the federal...

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Extra public service recruits in Swan's revision

Treasurer Wayne Swan during a press conference at Parliament House Canberra on Tuesday 2 October 2012.

Markus Mannheim The federal government has offered the bureaucracy a slight reprieve from its austerity drive, funding an extra 1300 full-time jobs this financial year.

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Exiting PS staff to leave giant bill

Markus Mannheim The federal bureaucracy's economy drive is expected to create a massive redundancies bill this financial year, as workplaces are forced to farewell staff to cut their wage budgets.

Opposition sees $50m in outsourcing slash

Markus Mannheim, Edmund Tadros The federal opposition believes it can save taxpayers at least $50 million a year by reining in the bureaucracy's use of consultants.

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Public service to cut 1500 jobs within months

Parliament House

Markus Mannheim The federal bureaucracy will shed almost 1500 staff in coming months, most based in Canberra, as it struggles to cope with pending budget cuts.

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Pursuit of surplus on with 1500 bureaucrats to go


Markus Mannheim THE federal bureaucracy is poised to shed more than 1500 staff in coming months, most from Canberra, as it struggles to cope with spending cuts.

Yes please minister: Labor spends billions on advice

Business handshake. Source: ThinkStock.

Edmund Tadros, Markus Mannheim The federal government has spent half a billion dollars a year on consultants since Labor won office 4½ years ago, an analysis of its contracts shows.

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Austerity drive hits Gillard's dept

FINANCIAL REVIEW MAGAZINE. USE ONLY AFTER ASKING TONY RICE. Portrait of Dr Ian Watt, from the Department of Finance and Administration number 6 in the covert section of  POWER ISSUE 2009. Pic by Nic Walker. Date September 2009  SPECIAL 000000

Markus Mannheim The Gillard government's austerity drive has hit the Prime Minister's own department, forcing it to retrench staff.

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No 'golden handshake' for departing public servants

Markus Mannheim The federal government's economy drive may achieve most of its aims within six weeks, by which time many public service jobs will already be gone.

Markus Mannheim

Bureaucracy hits peak before cuts

Markus Mannheim The federal bureaucracy grew to its largest-ever size at the beginning of this year, despite signs that a harsh budget was looming.

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