Robert Menzies

What's on the table?


John Garnaut Trade, tension, triumph: the PM's Asian trip pays off.

Cranky ladies resurrected from history in planned anthology

Oodgeroo Noonucal reading poetry.

Linda Morris Oodgeroo Noonuccal deserves to be a good deal more famous than she is.

The graduates

Mark Dapin's story on

While thousands of Australians were fighting in Vietnam, a select group was quietly achieving success in PNG. Mark Dapin reports.

Monarchists want Queen to choose Governor-General


Tim Barlass Monarchists in Australia on Sunday launched a petition calling on Prime Minister Tony Abbott to change the way the next governor-general is nominated following outspoken comments by the incumbent...

Politicians get office decor down to a fine art

Liberal Senator Ian Macdonald poses with a stuffed fish,

Bianca Hall A black and white portrait of Liberal Party legend Sir Robert Menzies hangs in pride of place in Prime Minister Tony Abbott's office, near the staunch monarchist's portrait of the Queen.

Feeling the heat

Illustration: Joe Benke.

Tony Wright Tony Abbott, on the most basic measure, was Australia's most successful opposition leader. He oversaw the destruction of prime minister Kevin Rudd, prime minister Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd again.

ASIO files: That looks suspicious, doesn't it?


Rick Feneley The plot to murder a federal minister at a Sydney television studio is one of the nation's great untold stories. It went like this.

A spy like Horrie

horace pile

Philip Dorling ASIO has declassified secret files that shed new light on one of the most dramatic cases of Cold War espionage in Australia's history

Rates hit record low

Glenn Stevens, governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, speaks at the House Economics committee hearing at Parliament House in Canberra, Australia, on Friday, Feb. 22, 2013. Stevens endorsed the current level of interest rates and said he'd need to be confident the currency is

Peter Martin Deep concern about the high Australian dollar has driven the Reserve Bank to cut its cash rate to the lowest level on record, a cut quickly passed on by all but one of the big banks.

ABC may pull plug on China broadcast

Daniel Flitton Broadcaster ending more than 70 years of beaming news on high frequency into Asia.

Damien Murphy

Vietnam still haunts war veterans, 50 years on

Vietnam veteran Barry Tinkler pictured at his home

Damien Murphy Passengers on Pan Am flight 808 to Saigon were amused by the 29 men in short-sleeved business shirts and slacks with identical briefcases lining up outside lavatories during the short flight only to...

Not standing orders … marching orders

Chris Johnson Tony Abbott pushed his luck a bit too far yesterday and became the first opposition leader to be ejected from Parliament in more than a quarter of a century.

Libs have lost core values: Fraser

Chris Johnson Former Liberal prime minister Malcolm Fraser has hit out at the party he once led, saying it has strayed too far to the right and has lost the vision of founder Robert Menzies.

Following in the footsteps of power

Summer reading dink

James Button's tale of being a PM's words man is also a memoir of his famous father.

What's the Big Idea this time around?

Ballot box.

Tony Wright Election years are a wonderful time for Big Ideas. You may, or may not, recall the marvellously named Multifunction Polis.

A memory of Thatcher


The Heckler The passing of Margaret Thatcher had friends and foes worldwide digging deep for memories good and ill.

Trust pushes for $50,000 Miles Franklin prize to be declared tax free

John Atkin

Susan Wyndham WHEN Patrick White won the first Miles Franklin Literary Award for his novel Voss in 1957, he said: ''I am going to buy a hi-fi set and a kitchen stove''.

Howard rises to challenge of another book

Former prime minister John Howard is already a best-selling author after his memoir Lazarus Rising sold more than 100,000 copies.

Gillard is the worst PM since McMahon. Discuss


Misha Schubert WHEN Tony Abbott, at the National Press Club last week, invoked academic Robert Manne dismissing Julia Gillard as ''the least impressive prime minister since Billy McMahon'', the Liberal crowd...

Recycled Rudd wouldn't surprise me, says Katter

Judith Ireland Bob Katter says he wouldn't be surprised if Kevin Rudd became Prime Minister again.