Stephen Smith

Stephen Smith tours Afghanistan

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New Defence Minister Stephen Smith takes his first tour of Afghanistan, announcing he will ask the Australian government for more police trainers.

TWU members forced to join super fund that paid fees to top officials, royal commission told

Truck driver

Anna Patty The Transport Workers Union forced its members to join the industry superannuation fund, which paid its directors, including senior union officials, $200,000 in fees each year, the royal commission...

Julie Bishop speech to declare Australia's full support of US

Foreign minister Julie Bishop

Peter Hartcher Australia will declare exuberant confidence in the future of US power and commit to continue intensifying the alliance in new realms including space.

Alleged sex offenders still in defence forces, Four Corners investigation reports

The regional unit, 26 Army Cadet Unit  26 ACU  end of year formal parade at Gwynneville. 
Friday 26 November 2010
Pic by Andy Zakeli

Alexandra Back Perpetrators of rape and sexual assault at the Australian Defence Force Academy over the past 20 years are still serving military officers or working for the department, an ABC Four Corners...

Rare public holiday line-up could mean a 10 day break


James Robertson This month offers us an opportunity for work-avoidance on a scale not seen in more than a decade.

US shares raw intelligence on Australians with Israel

Philip Dorling The US shares intelligence without sifting it to remove details about its citizens.

Sir Ninian Stephen Menzies scholarship: Christine Ernst wins $65,000 coveted prize

Michaela Whitbourn She has worked for a High Court judge, rubbed shoulders with Kevin Rudd at the UN and published articles on human rights law.

Out there and at them

Julkie Bishop

Sworn in on Wednesday, Julie Bishop says she wants to be the best foreign minister Australians could ask for. Can she do it? Daniel Flitton speaks to the first woman to have the job.

Fears of slump if Holden leaves

Holden may be following Ford out of the door.

Mark Kenny, Peter Martin The possible withdrawal of car maker Holden could trigger a recession in southern states, it is feared.

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Soldiers sacked over Jedi Council sex scandal


David Wroe The army has sacked six soldiers at the centre of the notorious "Jedi Council", whose members swapped grossly demeaning emails and videos about women they had slept with.

Western force: US eyes basing fleet near Perth

Nick O'malley, Dylan Welch The presence of US forces in Australia could be given a radical boost under plans due to be presented to Congress today, which include the particularly daring option of basing an entire US naval...

Keating tells US to back off on China

By Daniel Flitton Australia is circling too close in America's orbit and must take a more independent approach to the growing Chinese powerhouse in Asia, Paul Keating has warned.

America still our No.1: Smith

Daniel Flitton America will remain the ''single most important'' country in Asia and Washington is far from being eclipsed by Beijing, according to a staunch defence of the Gillard government's military outlook.

Teams to give verdict on island facilities

By Adam Gartrell The federal government will give a clearer picture of how long it will take to restart offshore processing of asylum seekers after its advance teams return home this week.

Footage of derelict sites shot to deter boats

Aerial view of Nauru

David Wroe THE Immigration Department has been gathering footage on Nauru and Manus Island for ''confronting'' videos aimed at discouraging asylum seekers from getting on boats - even though the facilities...

Gap year axe stirs attack by opposition

The government's cancellation of the defence gap-year program means the loss of a scheme that has been highly successful at recruiting young women into the defence force, the opposition says.

Top brass to cop flak over ADF sex abuse

Jessica Wright, Stephanie Gardiner A landmark review of women serving in the Australian Defence Force has recommended increasing gender targets and punishing leaders who fail to crack down on abuse and sexual harassment in the...

Growler obsolete in 5 years, expert says

David Ellery Australia's $1.5 billion ''Growler'' electronic warfare fleet may be redundant within four or five years of its delivery in 2018, a senior Lockheed Martin official has said.

Michael Bachelard

Indonesians waited six hours after mayday call

Indonesians waited to launch a search for a sinking asylum boat.

Michael Bachelard, Jakarta Almost six hours passed after the Indonesian search and rescue agency was alerted to a distress call from a sinking asylum seeker boat before they dispatched vessels to search for it.

Questions over slow response to boat alarm

Nauru'' before the policy would be effective as a deterrent.