Bianca Hall

Bianca Hall

Bianca Hall is a political correspondent based in Canberra.

Tony Abbott's green army enlisting now

Bianca Hall The federally funded 'green army' will strike young workers from official dole figures.

Voters' support for republic hits 20-year low

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II

Bianca Hall Backing for an Australian republic has collapsed to a 20-year low, with just 39.4 per cent of Australians saying they support a republic.

ABC boss Gaven Morris responds to news criticism with edict to staff

Gaven Morris

Bianca Hall The ABC has reacted to sustained criticism of its asylum seeker coverage with an edict to staff that they should not ''embellish'' or add ''any flourish'' to claims of mistreatment by Australian...

Don't embellish the facts on asylum seekers, ABC warns staff

Asylum seekers

Bianca Hall As the ABC comes under government scrutiny, staff have been warned not to ''embellish'' or add ''any flourish'' to asylum seekers' claims they have been mistreated by border protection forces.

Politicians get office decor down to a fine art

Liberal Senator Ian Macdonald poses with a stuffed fish,

Bianca Hall A black and white portrait of Liberal Party legend Sir Robert Menzies hangs in pride of place in Prime Minister Tony Abbott's office, near the staunch monarchist's portrait of the Queen.

Childcare sector in state of confusion over funding promise shifts


Bianca Hall Prime Minister Tony Abbott's announcement that the government would honour contracts signed by the previous government to raise childcare wages has only added to the confusion engulfing the sector.

Citizenship pledge at all time high

Australian Flag

Bianca Hall A RECORD number of people took the citizenship pledge on Saturday, with 17,059 people from 145 countries becoming new Australians.

Illegal? See the UN, says Abbott

Bianca Hall Tony Abbott's office has defended his continued use of the word ''illegal'' to describe asylum seeker boats by referring to the UN Refugee Convention.

Rudd slams door on refugees

PNG's Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and Kevin Rudd sign up for a new asylum deal

Bianca Hall and Jonathan Swan No asylum seeker who comes by boat will ever be resettled in Australia, under Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's dramatic and ''hardline'' rewrite of refugee laws.

Asylum seekers demand money back from smugglers, says Burke

Bianca Hall, David Wroe, Igor O'Neill The political arms race on border protection appears to be having an effect, with signs boat arrivals are tapering off amid claims by the government that asylum seekers are turning against people...

Clive Palmer's lead narrows to just 45 votes

Clive Palmer.

Bianca Hall Mining giant Clive Palmer’s lead in the seat of Fairfax has narrowed to a tiny 45 votes, increasing the likelihood of a recount.

Australia ignored boat rescue call, claims survivor


Michael Bachelard, in Cikole, Indonesia and Bianca Hall Survivors from a boat that sank off the south of Java said they had raised the alarm with Australian authorities, passing on their exact location at least 24 hours before their boat sank with the...

Public schools get too much: Abbott

Jewel Topsfield, Bianca Hall Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has provoked a storm of controversy over his suggestion that it is an injustice that public schools receive the majority of government funding.

Pyne defends leader over schools

Bianca Hall Opposition education spokesman Christopher Pyne said yesterday the idea public schools were underfunded was ''a myth'' propogated by the left of politics.

PM pledges to push for better teachers to make the grade

Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Bianca Hall ONLY the best and brightest will be able to get into university teaching courses under the federal government's reform package to improve the educational outcomes of the nation's children.

Top-of-the-class teachers at heart of education plan

Prime Minister Julia Gillard addressed the National Press Club in Canberra on Monday 3 September 2012. Photo: Andrew Meares

Bianca Hall Only the best and brightest will be able to get into university teaching courses, under the federal government's reform package to improve the educational outcomes of the nation's children.

Language policy is labelled a waste

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott

Bianca Hall TONY ABBOTT'S ambitious goal to have 40 per cent of high school students study an Asian language within a decade has been branded a multibillion-dollar waste of money.

Feds on attack as states cut budgets

Bianca Hall The federal government launched a bitter assault on Liberal states yesterday, saying Tuesday's state budgets that slashed education and health funding are a sign of what's to come under a federal...

'Death by 1000 cuts' for ABC arts

Abc iview logo,

Bianca Hall ABC chief Mark Scott says the corporation will continue to negotiate with staff over planned cuts to Radio National's programming.