Tony Mokbel

Another top union official forced out

John Setka

Nick McKenzie and Richard Baker Another Victorian building union official has been forced out over corruption concerns at a state government site, as his state secretary, John Setka, on Wednesday night rejected an allegation that...

Casino video linked to jockey

Danny Nikolic.

Nick McKenzie, Nino Bucci Police have made a breakthrough in one of Australia's biggest race-fixing inquiries, uncovering closed-circuit TV footage of a relative of Danny Nikolic collecting winnings on a race that the...

Officials 'asleep' on nursing care

Rachel Browne and Vince Chadwick Aged-care advocates fear criminals are using a legal loophole to gain control of nursing homes.

Second jockey embroiled in racing scandal

Nick McKenzie, Clay Hichens, Richard Baker A second champion Australian jockey, Mark Zahra, has become embroiled in the Smoking Aces race-fixing scandal.

Second top rider faces probe

Mark Zahra.

Nick McKenzie, Clay Hichens and Richard Baker A second champion jockey, Mark Zahra, becomes embroiled in the Smoking Aces race-fixing scandal.

Mokbel loans probe

Tony Mokbel.

National Australia Bank will investigate how and why it once gave drug boss Tony Mokbel up to $7 million in loans.

Race probe seeks help from Mokbel

Mokbel plea change rejected (Thumbnail)

John Silvester Australia's most notorious drug trafficker, Tony Mokbel, has been asked to assist the Racing Integrity Commissioner's inquiry into race fixing.

Steward plea to police on Cassidy

Champion jockey Jim Cassidy.

Nick McKenzie and Richard Baker Racing officials seek details of corrupt payments made by drug boss Tony Mokbel to jockey Jimmy Cassidy.

Oliver bet on a rival horse

Nick McKenzie, Richard Baker Australia's top jockey Damien Oliver - who will ride favourite Americain in the Melbourne Cup - has admitted that he bet on a rival horse in a 2010 race and expects to be charged soon by racing...

The wrong side of the track

Damien Oliver

Matthew Benns At its best it's a beautiful thing, but horse racing has an undeniable dark side.

Murder appeal dismissed

Andrea Petrie APPEALS to quash the convictions and sentences of two men involved in the fatal shooting of a Melbourne gangland figure, Lewis Moran, have been dismissed.

Detective sorry for Mokbel oversights

Tony Mokbel

Andrea Petrie POLICE officers with more than 30 years' experience have admitted to inadvertently neglecting to follow proper procedures when obtaining search warrants during the decade-long investigations into the...

Police probe gangland link to shooting

Police photograph blood on a witness at the scene of the shooting in Brunswick.

Andy Park and Paul Millar A Senior member of an outlaw motorcycle gang is shot in broad daylight in what is believed to be a revenge attack linked to prominent underworld figures.

Death and disaster unleashed a flood of news in 2011

Best of 2011

Liam Phillips From the very outset, 2011 was a year defined by natural disasters.

Mokbel's younger brother gets more jail time for drug trafficking

Milad Mokbel ... looked up to his

MILAD MOKBEL will spend at least an extra year behind bars for drug trafficking, which he was led into by his ''loud, overbearing and inspiring'' older brother, Tony.

Mokbel 'helped by cleaner'

A Victorian Supreme Court jury has heard that a Melbourne cleaner, Foula Pantazis, and her husband Byron were involved in helping drug boss Tony Mokbel, pictured, escape Victoria and avoid arrest.

Mokbel may have one last card up his sleeve


John Silvester SO Tony Mokbel, Australia's biggest underworld gambler, finally realised he had a losing hand.

Drug kingpin does last deal - in court

Mokbel pleads guilty to drugs charges (Thumbnail)

Daniel Fogarty THE former fugitive Tony Mokbel has admitted heading a multimillion-dollar drug syndicate, bringing to an end one of the last chapters in Melbourne's gangland war.

Mokbel recovers from heart attack

Drug boss Tony Mokbel is recovering in hospital after having a heart attack.

Ex-cop regrets Mokbel affidavits

A key police officer in the fight against Tony Mokbel's drugs empire has apologised for a ''failure'' of his leadership that could allow the crime boss to have his guilty pleas rescinded.