Bianca Hall

Bianca Hall

Bianca Hall is a political correspondent based in Canberra.

UN gives Canberra deadline to address refugee health fears

UNHCR bucket

Bianca Hall THE United Nations has given Australia a month to show how it will ensure the mental and physical safety of two refugees, one of whom tried to commit suicide this month.

'Not in his DNA': Navy captain's former wife stands by her man

Captain Jacqui King

Bianca Hall THE former wife of a navy captain accused of fraudulently claiming about $38,000 in marital allowances from the federal government while being separated has defended her ex-husband.

Chinese efforts to suppress academic debate 'not unusual'

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David Wroe, Bianca Hall A TOP foreign affairs expert says it is ''by no means unusual'' to hear of China trying to quash Australian academic debate to push its own national interests.

Citizenship pledge at all time high

Australian Flag

Bianca Hall A RECORD number of people took the citizenship pledge on Saturday, with 17,059 people from 145 countries becoming new Australians.

Captain's family left in waiting

Captain Emad

Bianca Hall THE family of alleged people smuggler Captain Emad remains in Australia more than six months after he fled the country, a parliamentary inquiry heard on Monday.

Fraud charges: Slipper no plea

Peter Slipper

Bianca Hall THE former speaker Peter Slipper, below, will not be required to enter a plea when he appears at the Canberra Magistrates Court accused of defrauding the Commonwealth on Friday morning.

A mother and child exhausted: faces of the many who flee by sea

A mother and child are processed by Australian Customs at Flying Fish Cove, Christmas Island.

Bianca Hall She sits in a wheelchair looking utterly defeated, a small child in her lap. She appears to be in her mid to late 30s, but it is difficult to tell through her exhaustion.

Boats to keep coming as tears keep flowing

Asylum seekers arrive at Flying Fish Cove, Christmas Island.

Bianca Hall She sits on a wheelchair, looking utterly defeated, a small child in her lap.

Chinese company defends security record

Bianca Hall Chinese technology giant Huawei has warned Australia could be in breach of its international trade obligations if it adopts national security proposals that could allow the government to exclude...

Chinese tech giant appeals against broadband ban

Huawei Chairman John Lord and executive David Wang.

Bianca Hall Chinese technology giant Huawei warns Australia could be in breach of its international trade obligations.

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Greens fears as Rinehart moves on Fairfax

Gina Rinehart.

Bianca Hall News that Australia's richest woman has moved to gain a majority share in Fairfax - adding to her 10 per cent stake in Channel 10 - has been met with suspicion by the Greens and equanimity by the...

Deadly mushroom meal was made in a restaurant kitchen

Death Cap Mushroom.

Bianca Hall THE New Year's Eve meal that contained death cap mushrooms and killed two people was prepared in a restaurant kitchen, Canberra health authorities said last night.

Union warns 'resources delayed are resources denied'

Bianca Hall The Australian Education Union has warned the government not to delay its implementation of schools funding reform, saying resources delayed are resources denied.

ACT focus of schools debate

Bianca Hall, Emma Macdonald Canberra will be the site of a ''grassroots, nationwide discussion'' on school funding this week as Prime Minister Julia Gillard defers any firm commitments to the Gonski review of funding and...

Educators back broad direction of findings

Bianca Hall, Breanna Tucker In a rare show of bipartisan support yesterday, both the government and non-government sector embraced the broad direction of the Gonski review of school funding.

Govt talks up schools review

Bianca Hall The federal government spent yesterday trying to dodge leadership questions and talk up the most comprehensive review of the the education sector in almost 40 years.

New media watchdog plan angers publishers

Bianca Hall, Julian Lee The government seems set on a collision course with the media if it accepts proposals for a new regulatory body to oversee all news and current affairs media in Australia.

Media being 'precious', Brown says

Bianca Hall Greens leader Bob Brown came out swinging against the Australian media yesterday, claiming the industry was being ''precious'' and ''abandoning the public interest'' with its opposition to a...

Fears for ASIO site workers

The ASIO Building.

Bianca Hall Fears have been raised for the safety of workers on the controversial new ASIO site in Canberra, after at least 19 large glass panels cracked and fell to the ground from above the main entrance.

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Lives 'at risk' without offshore processing

Bianca Hall Australia's asylum-seeker practices are ''not good public policy'', Department of Immigration and Citizenship secretary Andrew Metcalfe said yesterday.