Training for 2013 Sydney to Hobart

Fairfax journalist Liam Phelan at the helm training for the Sydney Hobart on the Clipper 68, CV5 on Sydney Harbour.

Fairfax journalist Liam Phelan and his crew mates trained on Sydney Harbour this week for the 2013 Sydney to Hobart yacht race onboard the Clipper 68, CV5. Photos: Dallas Kilponen.

All right, I must be mad sailing to Hobart - but please don't let me be seasick

Liam Phelan Don't die, don't fall in and don't vomit.

Brush with death steels sailor for Sydney to Hobart attempt

Scott Cavanough, down below in the bow onboard the 98ft supermaxi, Betchoice Lahana, for this years Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. In October this year, Scott was forced to abandon his 2010 Brett Bakewell-White designed prototype yacht, 797,  while mid-Atlantic in the Mini Transat Race. The boat dismasted following a collision with a tanker causing severe damage to her bow. 21st December 2011Photograph by Dallas Kilponen

Nicole Hasham IT TAKES 20 minutes for an ocean tanker to turn from a speck on the horizon to a roaring, 100,000-tonne brute about to steamroll your boat in the middle of the Atlantic.

Baby body discovery rocks Hobart suburb

The discovery of a newborn baby's body at a park has rocked a southern Hobart suburb.

Sea Shepherd docks in Hobart

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After intense months of battling Japanese whaling ships on the high seas, the two anti-whaling Sea Shepherd vessels are back in Australia.

International Court of Justice orders Japan to end Antarctic whaling

Andrew Darby When the world's last whaling factory ship ,the Nisshin Maru, left the Antarctic at the end of this past summer, it did something different.

Surging home prices defying RBA warnings of speculation


Glenda Kwek Home prices have surged in March in a sign that the boom in the property market is continuing after a pause in February.

Cranky ladies resurrected from history in planned anthology

Oodgeroo Noonucal reading poetry.

Linda Morris Oodgeroo Noonuccal deserves to be a good deal more famous than she is.

George Brandis urges penalty for arts organisations rejecting corporate sponsorship


Lisa Cox, Andrew Taylor, Lucy Carroll Arts Minister George Brandis has promoted moves to block government funding for organisations that refuse corporate sponsorship following the ''preposterously unreasonable'' termination of...

Liberals set to seize power in Tasmania

Andrew Darby Hobart The Liberal Party's grasp on majority government in Tasmania strengthened early in the count on Saturday night.

Liberals claim victory in Tasmanian state election

Tasmanian State Liberal leader Will Hodgman

Andrew Darby Winning Liberal leader Will Hodgman claimed an emphatic mandate for change in the Tasmanian election.

Baby drowning

A 17-month-old baby has drowned in a backyard inflatable swimming pool in Tasmania.

Life at Antarctica's Casey station

Nicky Phillips Getting to the edge of the earth has never been easier, but isolation remains a challenge.

Poll shows Liberals cruising for a win in Tasmania

Andrew Darby The first independent opinion poll taken since the Tasmanian state election was called shows the Liberal party headed for majority government on March 15.

Plan to curb Antarctic expeditions after costly rescue of trapped ship

Australasian Antarctic Expedition

Andrew Darby The Australian government is pushing to rein in private operators in the Antarctic after the multimillion-dollar rescue of a University of NSW expedition that became caught in pack ice.

Country music looks to recover old zing at Tamworth showcase

Peter Munro Despite the cowboy hats on the streets of Tamworth this weekend, Australian country music is in trouble.

Hockey calls end to 'age of entitlement'


Mark Kenny Treasurer Joe Hockey has bluntly warned Australians that the days of governments saving businesses and jobs had passed, telling them, ''the age of entitlement is over, and the age of personal...

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Line in sand washed away by ocean of obfuscation over seafoods grant

Peter Martin dinkus

Peter Martin Within minutes of Treasurer Joe Hockey declaring an end to ''the age of entitlement'' on Monday, assistant Infrastructure Minister Jamie Briggs stood on a highway on the outskirts of Hobart and...

Passengers from ship trapped in ice safe on Aurora Australis


Nicky Phillips Marty Benavente knows sea ice. He knows it is safe to walk on when it is 40 centimetres thick and safe to drive a skidoo on when it is about 60 centimetres deep.