Andrew Darby

Andrew Darby

Andrew Darby is the Hobart correspondent for Fairfax Media. His focus is on Australia's interests south of 40 Degrees South - Tasmania, the Southern Ocean and Antarctica. He is the author of the internationally published Harpoon: Into the Heart of Whaling

Tasmania's Governor, Peter Underwood gravely ill

Andrew Darby Tasmania's Governor, Peter Underwood, AC, is gravely ill after a kidney cancer operation, the state's Government House said on Monday.

Tasmania Governor Peter Underwood remembered

Tasmnia's Governor Peter Underwood with former premier David Bartlett.

Andrew Darby Peter Underwood, AC, a British child migrant who grew up to become Chief Justice and then Governor of Tasmania, has died in office after suffering kidney cancer.

Poll shows Liberals cruising for a win in Tasmania

Andrew Darby The first independent opinion poll taken since the Tasmanian state election was called shows the Liberal party headed for majority government on March 15.

Liberals set to seize power in Tasmania

Andrew Darby Hobart The Liberal Party's grasp on majority government in Tasmania strengthened early in the count on Saturday night.

Liberals claim victory in Tasmanian state election

Tasmanian State Liberal leader Will Hodgman

Andrew Darby Winning Liberal leader Will Hodgman claimed an emphatic mandate for change in the Tasmanian election.

International Court of Justice orders Japan to end Antarctic whaling

Andrew Darby When the world's last whaling factory ship ,the Nisshin Maru, left the Antarctic at the end of this past summer, it did something different.

Tasmania's forests now a defining national issue

Tasmania's Tarkine Forest.

Andrew Darby Is this game on for Tassie's forests? Andrew Darby clears the wood from the trees.

Plan to curb Antarctic expeditions after costly rescue of trapped ship

Australasian Antarctic Expedition

Andrew Darby The Australian government is pushing to rein in private operators in the Antarctic after the multimillion-dollar rescue of a University of NSW expedition that became caught in pack ice.

Nairobi victim laid to rest in Tasmania

Ross Langdon

Andrew Darby, Hobart Ross Langdon, the young Australian architect killed in the Nairobi shopping mall attack, has been buried on the island he left to make good.

Greenpeace activist Colin Russell arrives home

Colin Russell.

Andrew Darby Freed Greenpeace activist Colin Russell said the Abbott government did too little, too late, to get him out from behind bars in Russia.

Muirhead tells of shame at child porn

Andy Muirhead.

Andrew Darby Former ABC host Andy Muirhead was a regular and consistent viewer of pornography involving children as young as three, a court heard today.

Tasmanian gay marriage bill set for defeat

Gay Marriage

Andrew Darby A bill to make Tasmania the first jurisdiction to legalise same-sex marriage appears headed for defeat in the state parliament's upper house, the Legislative Council.

Child pornography images were vile and disgusting, says Muirhead

Andy Muirhead

Andrew Darby ANDY MUIRHEAD sat in the dock with his chin up throughout the child pornography case against him - except when the Tasmanian Chief Justice, Ewan Crawford, ordered that some of the images be shown.

Six-strong team races to Antarctic emergency

antarctica in summer

Andrew Darby An Australian team is en route to help with a US medical emergency in the depths of the Antarctic winter.

Australia to pay for scientist's Antarctic evacuation

Andrew Darby Australia is to foot the bill for its Antarctic winter rescue flight of an ailing US expeditioner, confident it will be able to call for the same help.

'Curiosity' a factor in Muirhead case

Andrew Darby The case against former ABC personality Andy Muirhead is to hear whether he had any sexual interest in the child pornography he viewed, or was just curious.

Child porn: psychologist to testify if Muirhead just curious

Deleted porn files on Muirhead's laptop, court told

Andrew Darby Former ABC personality Andy Muirhead's sentencing hearing has been adjourned until the court can hear argument as to whether he had any sexual interest in the child pornography he viewed, or was just...

Tasmanian gay marriage bill defeated

Andrew Darby Gay marriage advocates have vowed to keep campaigning as numbers mount against them.

Muirhead jailed over porn

Andy Muirhead in a file photo.

Andrew Darby Former ABC personality Andy Muirhead is jailed for child pornography crimes after a judge rejects claims he only watched online out of morbid curiosity.