David Wroe

David Wroe

David Wroe is national security correspondent for The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald in Canberra.

Cameron Baird, Victoria Cross recipient, was 'one of Australia's greatest-ever soldiers'

David Wroe Special forces soldiers such as those from the 2nd Commando Regiment are known to be a tight-knit bunch.

Australian Defence Force personnel advised to wear civvies due to terror threats


Julieanne Strachan, David Wroe, Judith Ireland The Abbott government has said it is prepared to extend police powers even further if law enforcement agencies say they are needed.

Attorney-General George Brandis says Muslims are being preyed on by 'evil' extremists

David Wroe and Steve Lillebuen Attorney-General George Brandis has used a bridge-building meeting with Islamic leaders in Melbourne to stress that Muslims themselves are being "preyed upon" by "evil" extremists.

Muslim leaders worried about new terror laws

David Wroe The Abbott government faces an uphill battle to win Muslim community support for new counter-terrorism laws and to dispel fears they are fighting Islam, some community leaders and members say.

Defence abuse taskforce refers 22 cases to NSW police

David Wroe The taskforce dealing with sexual and other abuse in the military has referred 22 cases to NSW police possibly involving claims such as rape, assault and death threats.

Records add heat to climate debate

heat wave

Peter Hannam and David Wroe A sweltering 2013, Australia's hottest year on record, is the product of climate change and the warming trend is set to continue, experts say.

Four detainees attempt suicide as others resort to self-harm

Christmas Island detention Centre

David Wroe Asylum seekers in detention on Christmas Island are cutting themselves with glass and razor blades as protests spread to the facility that houses families, sources in the centre say.

Navy's Air Warfare Destroyer project blows out by $300m

David Wroe The cost of building Australia's most powerful warships has blown out by $300 million - a figure likely to rise sharply - amid management problems and poor productivity, an auditor's report has found.

Hopes for a quiet day in Oruzgan and a taste of home for the troops


David Wroe THEY don't get regular days off when they're serving in Afghanistan. Most of the year, the best they can hope for is that a Friday, the Muslim prayer day, will be quiet.

Australian diplomat 'aware Zygier being held'


David Wroe and Ruth Pollard An Australian diplomat knew that Melbourne man Ben Zygier was being held in an Israeli prison before he died in his cell, the government has admitted, amid explosive reports that Mr Zygier was a...

Key witness was recommended for psychological evaluation

NEWS: . Corporal Aaron Sweet leaves a defence hearing in Fyshwick, Canberra . 20th March 2013. Photo by MELISSA ADAMS of The Canberra Times.

David Wroe A key witness in the court-martial of a military policeman accused of trying to cover up the apparent beating of an Afghan prisoner was recommended for a psychological evaluation to see if he was fit...

Failure to intervene: why Canberra turned its back on Prisoner X

David Wroe and Ruth Pollard A government inquiry has reignited concern over the Prisoner X affair.

Undersea kelp beds listed as endangered

David Wroe They are the mighty rainforests of the ocean, towering up to 25 metres from the seabed. And as with many forests on land, the giant kelp jungles in the waters off southeast Australia are threatened...

Burn on: PM's dirty power buyback plan up in smoke

Hazelwood power station.

Lenore Taylor and David Wroe Australia's highest-emitting brown coal electricity generators are between $400 million and $1 billion better off than they would have been without the carbon tax, according to new modelling.

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Reduced irrigation key to river quality

David Wroe The ailing Murray-Darling basin could get a bigger than expected injection of water after fresh modelling found the river system would be much better off if irrigation volumes were cut by more than...

Greens on mission to save iconic sites

Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne.

David Wroe Christine Milne has said the mining boom amounts to 'liquidating the environment'.

Murray plan to launch a new wave of brawls

The wool boom as experiencesd through Rob McBride of Tolarno Station in Western NSW. Generic Darling River, Murray Darling Basin, water allocation,  irrigation, drought. April 2011 AFR photo Louie Douvis job# 1728052198

David Wroe, Tom Arup The Gillard government faces a fresh brawl with the eastern states over its Murray-Darling basin plan after yesterday placating South Australia with a $1.

Doctors shun Defence's new insurer


David Wroe, Daniel Flitton A DOCTORS revolt threatens to cripple military healthcare, with just one in 10 specialists so far signing on to a newly privatised medical scheme for the Defence Force.

Defence inquiry to hand investigation findings to police

Stephen Smith

David Wroe AN INTERNAL Defence Force investigation is poised to hand over material to police that could incriminate serving military members in cases of rape, either as alleged perpetrators or witnesses who...

Rural placement isolates asylum seekers from support, mayor warns

Immigration minister Chris Bowen during question time on Thursday.

David Wroe A FEDERAL government proposal to place asylum seekers on bridging visas in regional areas has had a lukewarm reaction from the mayor of Shepparton in Victoria, where a similar scheme was tried in...