Anger over Brazilian student's death by Taser

Roberto Laudisio Curti came to Sydney to learn English and enjoy Australian life.

But what started as a night out in Kings Cross ended with the 21-year-old Brazilian student lying dead on a city street after police stunned him with a Taser.

Last night, his grieving uncle and sister arrived in Sydney as police completed the autopsy on their loved one. But as police pieced together his final movements, the Brazilian community called for them to release more information about how he died. ''He went out just for fun like any other young male on Saturday night and that happened to him, so the family cannot understand it at all,'' Andre Costa, the Brazilian consul in Sydney, told the ABC yesterday.

''They want to know exactly what happened to this young man, that he was so healthy and a good student, studying at a very good university in Brazil.'' Cristina Talacko, the president of the Australia Brazil Chamber of Commerce and a friend of the Laudisio family in Sydney, said they were very respected. ''All of them studied in very good schools,'' she said. ''There is nothing against them and no history of any problems in Brazil and here.''

It remains unclear how many Tasers were fired as police chased Mr Laudisio Curti, but data would ''conclusively determine'' those issues, one source said. The NSW Ombudsman's office confirmed it would be independently overseeing the investigation into Mr Laudisio Curti's death. with Stephanie Gardiner