Amy Corderoy

Amy Corderoy

Amy is Health Editor for The Sydney Morning Herald. Before working at the Herald she worked as a freelance journalist and radio presenter, as well as writing for a number of publications for doctors. She also keeps a health blog at

Landmark High Court ruling on BRCA1 gene patent as pensioner wins legal case

Amy Corderoy A 69 year-old pensioner has succeeded in a David-and-Goliath battle against a multinational corporation that claimed a patent over her genes.

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Health groups say TPP will cost lives

Some groups say the TPP deal will reduce access to life-saving drugs.

Amy Corderoy The PM says it's going to open up 'enormous benefit' for Australia. But health groups have warned people in need of urgent treatment in developing countries wont be so lucky.

National Health Performance Authority data shows huge variations in healthcare

The most socially disadvantaged have the greatest need of healthcare but the most difficulty accessing it.

Amy Corderoy New data shows Australia's poorest and most challenged communities are facing more sickness, but are also getting less healthcare.

Call to curb 'junk' insurance policies that exclude private hospitals

John Grech:

Amy Corderoy John Grech had been paying health insurance premiums for 20 years when his GP told him he needed to be assessed for surgery.

George Institute study finds SMS helps heart attack survivors heed health message

Amy Corderoy A cardiologist's simple plan to send text messages could prevent nearly 2000 deaths a year.

Ambulance delays: Canowindra man dies waiting for ambulance as no staff available

NSW has about 35 full-time ambulance officers per head of population compared to an average of about 40.

Amy Corderoy His desperate family called for triple-zero after the 81 year old collapsed. But there were no ambulances available to help.

British Medical Journal study into paroxetine, Aropax, reveals suicide risk

ajw980624.004.104.jpg Age Living 
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Generic teenager / youth / girls

Amy Corderoy It was given to teenagers to improve their lives. Instead it put them at risk of suicide.

South East Sydney Local Health District makes staff redundant after $20 million budget blowout

Amy Corderoy One of the busiest health districts in Sydney will make staff redundant after a budget blowout that has seen it record a $20 million deficit.

NSW police say lives are being put at risk by paramedic shortage

The Ambulance Service is under pressure to reduce waiting times.

Amy Corderoy Police say they tried in vain to save the life of a young woman as they waited half an hour for paramedics.

Packer and Crown foundations donate millions to St Vincent's Hospital organ donation program

Ros Packer (from left), Associate Professor Paul Jansz, Sister Jacinta Fong and Associate Professor Phillip Spratt.

Amy Corderoy, Health Editor The Packer Foundation has pledged millions of dollars to fund long-distance organ retrievals that will help with the desperate shortage of organ donors in Australia.

More than money needed to reduce the expanding healthcare pressurised balloon

For one woman, a television news crew arrived before a long overdue ambulance.

Amy Corderoy Ambos compare the shortage to a chess set, but the crisis in the state's healthcare is no game.

Black Dog Institute suicide attempt study finds that patients get no follow-up

Amy Corderoy A report into suicides and self harm has found that ongoing care is non-existent for an alarmingly large number of patients.

Bureau of Health Information report shows huge jump in emergency patients

Emergency departments are under increasing pressure, with patient numbers havinge risen by 25 per cent over the past five years.

Amy Corderoy NSW emergency departments are facing huge increases in the number of seriously ill patients, with doctors saying the system cannot cope without more beds and more money.

Sydney researchers say arthritis drug Colchicine could prevent heart attacks


Amy Corderoy An inexpensive drug could hold the key to saving the lives of heart attack survivors

Women being 'upsold' into labiaplasty by cosmetic clinics, say health experts

Doctors are now advised to give women seeking genital surgery a mirror, and a lesson on just how much variation there is among women.

Amy Corderoy Women are being 'upsold' invasive genital surgeries by unscrupulous cosmetic clinics that do not properly inform them about the risks, or whether the surgery might be unnecessary, experts say.

Ambulance delays: calls for inquiry but minister says help is already on the way

Health Minister Jillian Skinner says she is putting in place measures to prevent ambulance delays.

Amy Corderoy Health Minister Jillian Skinner insists there is no problem with a shortage of resources for ambulances or hospital beds, despite a string of delays and deaths linked to long waits for ambulances and...

Serious haemorrhage after sexual assault no longer receiving category one emergency response from NSW Ambulance

A review of emergency categories has seen some cases moved from requiring an ''emergency'' lights and sirens response.

Amy Corderoy People haemorrhaging blood after a sexual assault or suicide attempt are no longer receiving the most serious "emergency" ambulance response and may face long waits for emergency care, a...

'Dangerous' ambulance response times as no cars available for most serious cases


Amy Corderoy One woman with an injury described as 'traumatic' waited 40 minutes for an ambulance in the latest crisis to hit the ambulance service this winter.

Women with very early stage 'breast cancers' may not need treatment, study indicates

Mammograms that pick up what have been thought of as very early cancers, or DCIS, may in future just lead to lifestyle changes and monitoring.

Amy Corderoy Australian women with very early stage 'breast cancers' are being given potentially unnecessary invasive treatment that may not decrease their risk of dying from the disease, a groundbreaking...