Anna Patty

Anna Patty

Anna Patty is Workplace Editor for The Sydney Morning Herald. She is a former State Political Reporter and Education Editor.
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Witness sobs over alleged personal use of more than $68,000 in union funds

Anna Patty The former accounts manager for a NSW union sobbed under cross examination when confronted with $68,395.

Tattoo, dating services and Lego bought on union credit card, royal commission told

Lego blocks

Anna Patty Union official Derrick Belan's credit card was allegedly used to buy a tattoo, dating websites, Lego, sunglasses, Tiffany jewellery and other goods totalling tens of thousands of dollars, the royal...

Cesar Melhem denies AWU issued bogus invoices

Victorian Labor MP Cesar Melhem.

Anna Patty and Ben Schneiders Embattled Victorian MP Cesar Melhem has denied the Australian Workers Union issued bogus invoices under his leadership

Maritime Union and national construction union to merge

MUA national secretary Paddy Crumlin.

Anna Patty The militant national construction union and the Maritime Union of Australia have started historic negotiations to form what they say will be the country's most powerful union.

Passenger delays expected as airport staff go on strike

Workers at Melbourne Airprot stop work amid an industrial campaign for better pay.

Anna Patty Passengers flying in and out of international airports around the country face potential delays as Border Force workers begin a 10-day strike over pay and conditions.

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Opening a window on Australia's job opportunities in the face of massive changes

Julia Van Der Sommen

Anna Patty, Neelima Choahan A new study, which identifies five key areas of employment growth over the next decade, has found jobs that will prove resilient to massive structural and technological changes that will transform...

Penalty rates rollback could swing federal election

<i>Illustration: Michael Mucci (with apologies to John Brack)</i>

Anna Patty An unlikely army of young shift-workers who pull beers into the early morning hours, wait on tables and serve coffees on weekends could swing the federal election, as a proposed rollback of Sunday...

Workers can take time off instead of being paid overtime

Anna Patty Thousands of workers and their employers will be able to trade overtime payments for time off in lieu, based on new award provisions approved by the Fair Work Commission.

Ten questions Bill Shorten should answer at the royal commission into trade unions

Bill Shorten

Royce Millar and Anna Patty On Wednesday, Bill Shorten faces one of the toughest tests of his political life as Tony Abbott's royal commission on trade unions turns its spotlight on the Opposition Leader's union and Labor...

Warning to "Facebook generation" against cheating on CVs -

Anna Patty Business leaders have warned the younger social media generation that there is no place for little white lies when it comes to presenting their qualifications to a future employer. 

The five professions with Australia's most inactive people

office worker

Anna Patty Some of them sound like professions that would be full of active people - but there's a catch.

Medical journal editor sacked and editorial committee resigns

MJA's editorial board have written to Australian Medical Journal president Brian Owler to review the decision to appoint Elsevier.

Anna Patty with Julia Medew All but one member of the editorial advisory committee for Australia's top medical journal have resigned following the sacking of its eminent editor who raised concerns about a decision to outsource...

Royal Commission into Trade Unions wants ban on officials who misuse members' funds

Union officials caught misusing members' funds should be banned, says the royal commission into trade union corruption.

Anna Patty The royal commission into trade union corruption will float proposals for the introduction of new laws that would empower the Fair Work Commission to ban union...

Police on the scrap heap - blueprint for reform in managing stress disorders

Former homicide investigator Belinda Neil and NSW Greens MP  David Shoebridge have been working on the reforms.

Anna Patty Police who are psychologically injured on the job and who take their own lives should be included on the official police honour role under a blueprint to reform systemic problems in the way post...

Kate Carnell says she wants penalty rates reduced, not abolished

Anna Patty The ACTU has asked chamber of commerce chief Kate Carnell to clarify her position on penalty rates after public comments appeared to contradict her organisation's submission to the Productivity...

'Shortage' of vocational training teachers in prisons

Death penalty for child sex abusers

Anna Patty Welfare and community justice groups have warned that cuts to education services in NSW jails will reduce future employment opportunities for prisoners and increase their rate of reoffending.

Major delays forecast as Medicare, Centrelink and biosecurity staff strike

There will be lengthy delays at Medicare over the next few weeks because of work bans.

Anna Patty Community and Public Sector Union members are protesting against new staff agreements they say threaten to cut their rights and conditions in return for annual pay rises of up to 1 per cent.

Electricity workers warned against strike CEO describes as `pointless'

 Strike `pointless'.

Anna Patty Electrical Trades Union, United Service Union and Professionals Australia have been told by NSW electricity networks boss Vince Graham their strike is "pointless". Anna Patty reports.

Australian woman dies during 'simple medical procedure' in Mexico

Minimal risks: Evita Nicole Sarmonikas.

Anna Patty The family of a young Australian woman who died in Mexico after what was supposed to be a simple medical procedure.