Bianca Hall

Bianca Hall

Bianca Hall is a reporter for The Age

More than 930 academics call for children to be released from detention

Bianca Hall Eric Abetz dismisses calls by 933 academics across the country for children to be released from detention as "a sad disassociation from practical considerations". 

Government hits back at claims pap smears, scans will cost more

The government says the bulk billing incentive payments have directed taxpayer money to private companies with negligible results.

Bianca Hall Medical groups warn patients face hundreds of dollars in out of pocket costs, but the government says they are simply angry at losing taxpayer money.

Backlash against possible pap smear charge grows

Pap smear

Bianca Hall But pathologists and medical researchers have raised doubts the changes will result in a $30 cost for pap smears.

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Chiropractors promoting anti-vaccination views despite rules

According to posts in a secret Facebook group, some chiropractors have been flouting the new rules.

Bianca Hall Chiropractors' waiting rooms across the country have become recruiting grounds for the anti-vaccination cause.

Anti-Islam activist sues Facebook for $1m over 'quashing free speech'


Bianca Hall, Michael Inman An anti-Islam activist is seeking more than $1 million in damages from Facebook, claiming it breached his freedom of political speech by cutting him out of the group he administers on Facebook.

Street fights and 'internet vigilantes': Inside Australia's anti-Islam movement

A UPF member shouts at a Muslim woman in Richmond.

Bianca Hall A former lieutenant of the ultra-nationalist Australian Defence League speaks out against his one-time comrades who, he says, have co-opted the movement into something unrecognisable.

Sex workers at risk of violence as the internet cuts demand for their services

Georgia (not her real name) was a sex worker for 13 years. She is now out of the industry.

Bianca Hall Sex workers are increasingly at risk of violence, and being forced to do things they don't want to – and the internet is at least partly to blame.

Community rallies around Ethiopian woman facing deportation

Yeshiwork Abrha fears deportation to Ethiopia.

Bianca Hall Anglican church parishioners in Melbourne's inner south have launched a desperate campaign to stop the deportation of Ethiopian woman Yeshiwork Abrha , who fears she will be killed if the federal...

Amazonians' ancient links to Indigenous Australians

Ancient links: A Brazilian Indian child from the Surui nation.

Bianca Hall Distant relatives of Aboriginal Australians have been discovered living deep within the Amazon rainforest.

Court chiefs call for changes and funding to stop surge in family violence cases

Scales of justice

Bianca Hall Sweeping changes – and urgent funding increases – are needed to help the courts cope with family violence cases, Chief Magistrate Peter Lauritsen, Chief Magistrate of the Magistrates'...

40 per cent of Australian mothers drink while pregnant: study

For most women, their binge-drinking days were abandoned once they discovered they were pregnant.

Bianca Hall Almost half of Australian women drink during their pregnancy, and health authorities need to craft new policies to reduce alcohol use in expectant women, a new study shows.

Should male feminists just shut the hell up?

Bianca Hall In a recent episode of the toe-curlingly awkward US show Portlandia, Doug and a some buddies are sitting in a circle after forming a feminism group.

Sex Party deregistered due to lack of members

The Sex Party has been deregistered.

Bianca Hall The Australian Sex Party has lost party status federally, with the Australian Electoral Commission ruling it has fewer than 500 members.

Nepal earthquake: Tasmanian man stranded as families search for answers

Soldiers from the Nepalese army clear debris from a collapsed house while searching for victims in Kathmandu.

Bianca Hall Dozens of Australians remain listed as missing in earthquake-ravaged Nepal, as desperate families scour social media for any news of their loved ones.

Infant formula industry to handle complaints on its marketing to new mums

Adele Calvert with Lola

Bianca Hall The government will replace an independent panel monitoring how infant formula is marketed to new parents with an industry-led oversight process.

Tony Abbott's green army enlisting now

Bianca Hall The federally funded 'green army' will strike young workers from official dole figures.

$13.3 million hotel bill for Manus Island staff


Bianca Hall, Rory Callinan Taxpayers are footing a more-than $73,400 nightly bill for detention centre staff to stay in a floating hotel moored off Papua New Guinea's Manus Island, Fairfax can reveal.

Don't embellish the facts on asylum seekers, ABC warns staff

Asylum seekers

Bianca Hall As the ABC comes under government scrutiny, staff have been warned not to ''embellish'' or add ''any flourish'' to asylum seekers' claims they have been mistreated by border protection forces.

Voters' support for republic hits 20-year low

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II

Bianca Hall Backing for an Australian republic has collapsed to a 20-year low, with just 39.4 per cent of Australians saying they support a republic.

ABC boss Gaven Morris responds to news criticism with edict to staff

Gaven Morris

Bianca Hall The ABC has reacted to sustained criticism of its asylum seeker coverage with an edict to staff that they should not ''embellish'' or add ''any flourish'' to claims of mistreatment by Australian...