Bianca Hall

Bianca Hall

Bianca Hall is a political correspondent based in Canberra.

Quarter of young people not working or studying

Teen girl.

Bianca Hall One in four young Australians do not work or study despite Australia's growing wealth.

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Three detainees in Villawood protest

Detainees at Villawood Detention Centre are undertaking a rooftop protest.

Bianca Hall Three people stage rooftop protest at Villawood detention centre in Sydney, with guards setting up mattresses below the trio.

Medical alert for hunger striker on Nauru

The hunger strikers protest on Nauru.

Bianca Hall Doctors have told Omid - the Iranian man on the 31st day of his hunger strike on Nauru - his kidneys and brain will soon fail, fellow asylum seekers say.

Hunger striker close to death, warn detainees


Bianca Hall DOCTORS have told Omid - an Iranian on his 31st day of a hunger strike in Nauru on Sunday - that his kidneys and brain will soon fail, fellow asylum seekers say.

Refugee attempts suicide to highlight brother's plight

Asylum seeker death at Villawood (Thumbnail)

Bianca Hall A man attempted suicide at the Villawood detention centre days after writing to his case officer that he was prepared to give his life for his brother, who is also being detained.

Red Cross visits Nauru strikers

Bianca Hall THE Red Cross has quietly visited the troubled camp on Nauru, as concerns about the hunger strikes on the island escalate.

Red Cross visits Nauru strikers

Asylum seekers are protesting over conditions at Nauru's asylum seeker processing centre

Bianca Hall Red Cross quietly visits troubled camp as concerns about hunger strikes escalate.

More join hunger strike on Nauru


Bianca Hall DESPAIR on Nauru is growing. Asylum seekers say 276 men are taking part in a hunger strike, up from 170 on Thursday.

'Unhappy' asylum seekers on hunger strike


Bianca Hall ALMOST half the asylum seekers on Nauru have begun a hunger strike.

Schools to study the real Australia

Bianca Hall Education Correspondent ABORIGINAL history and culture, sustainability and Australia's engagement with Asia will be cornerstones of the new civics national curriculum for schools.

Postgraduate numbers double in 10 years


Bianca Hall The number of Australians holding postgraduate degrees has more than doubled since 2001.

Business endorses language plan

Bianca Hall The business sector has called on the states and territories to back Prime Minister Julia Gillard's plan to give every student the chance to study an Asian language by 2025.

Nauru raises asylum visa cost

Bianca Hall The Nauru government says a deal was struck to charge Australia $1000 a month in visa fees for each asylum seeker detained on the island months ago.

Record payouts for sick federal workers

Bianca Hall Government agencies are spending record amounts on paying out sick workers, with payouts rising by $14 million in the past year alone to $274 million.

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More payouts for sick workers in government jobs


Bianca Hall FEDERAL government agencies are spending record amounts on paying out sick workers, with payouts rising by $14 million in the past year alone, to $274 million.

Minister slams unis' 'elitist' view

chris evans

Bianca Hall Tertiary Education Minister Chris Evans has hit back at Australia's top research universities.

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Universities angry over $1b in cuts

Bianca Hall Universities are in uproar over yesterday's mid-year budget cuts of more than $1 billion to the sector.

Grade 5 and 6 kids to get sex education classes

Children as young as seven are set to receive sex education.

Bianca Hall THE Australian curriculum authority says it has listened to feedback from parenting and school groups, and will introduce sex education to children in grades 5 and 6, not in grade 3 and 4, as earlier...

Hearing told of sex education for kids

Bianca Hall Children will begin to be taught sexual education by as young as seven, a Senate estimates hearing was told yesterday.

Jones ordered to be trained in factual accuracy

Bianca Hall Controversial radio shock jock Alan Jones has been ordered to undergo ''factual accuracy'' training, and to use fact-checkers, in another damaging blow to his credibility.