Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson is Canberra bureau chief. Most recently Chris was the National Political Correspondent for The Sunday Age and The Sun-Herald

HSU report casts gloom over budget

Chris Johnson Federal MP Craig Thomson used his Health Services Union credit card to pay for prostitutes, according a Fair Work Australia investigation.

Gillard backers desert as poll chances slide

Chris Johnson Prime Minister Julia Gillard's woes have deepened, with more of her backers withdrawing support in the face of shocking poll results and continuing political crises.

Scandal build-up doom for Gillard

Chris Johnson As senior government ministers voice their support for Prime Minister Julia Gillard's actions over the Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper scandals, Labor backbenchers are again talking about the...

Scandals crossed the line, PM says

Craig Thomson MP addresses the media after leaving the Labour party and becoming an independent.

Chris Johnson The Federal government remains in crisis today despite Prime Minister Julia Gillard's move to kick Craig Thomson out of the Labor Party and to keep Peter Slipper away from the Speaker's chair.

Labor in despair as morale hits new low

Chris Johnson Morale in Labor ranks has plunged to a new low described as ''unprecedented despair'' with many backbenchers fearing the combined Thomson and Slipper scandals have made it all but impossible to win...

Slipper produces Cabcharges to refute fraud claims

Chris Johnson Speaker Peter Slipper has answered claims of criminal fraud against him by releasing documents he says proves his innocence.

Government set to intervene on footy broadcasts

Chris Johnson The government could come to the aid of the professional football codes by rushing legislation through Parliament if Optus's right to stream Australian Football League games on the internet is upheld...

Slipper must give up ministry: archbishop

Speaker of the House Peter Slipper during Question Time at Parliament House Canberra on Thursday 16 February 2012.

Photo by Alex Ellinghausen

Ross Peake, Chris Johnson Speaker Peter Slipper will come under intense pressure to stand aside from private priestly duties when he is confronted by the Primate of the Traditional Anglican Communion, John Hepworth, about the...

Abbott's bad timing over rates

Chris Johnson Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has exposed his lack of economic credentials in an embarrassing gaffe over the timing of when the Reserve Bank meets to review the official interest rate.

Aged-care reforms to weed out rorters

Meals on Wheels recipient, 92 year old Beatrice Holderhead of Warramanga, with her 70 year old daughter, Robyn Horne of Rivett.

Chris Johnson, Peter Jean Cracking down on aged-care providers who over-claim on their services will end the rorting of the current funding system and allow the federal government to claw back $1.6 billion over five years.

$1000 to employ an older worker

Chris Johnson Ten thousand bosses will receive a $1000 bonus if they employ, for at least three months, a worker aged 50 years or older.

Troops to withdraw slowly, PM promises

Chris Johnson Australia's troops in Afghanistan will return home slowly, and most will stay deployed for another 18 months.

Gillard to flag early exit

Chris Johnson Prime Minister Julia Gillard will today detail Australia's Afghanistan exit plan that could see control of Uruzgan handed over to local forces next year and hundreds of millions of dollars pumped...

Abbott accuses PM of cover-up over embattled backbencher

Chris Johnson Opposition Leader Tony Abbott insists it is unconscionable for embattled Labor MP Craig Thomson to refuse to co-operate with police over investigations into alleged union corruption, adding that...

Back to basics for new Greens

Chris Johnson The Australian Greens will refocus their attention on the environment and ramp up pressure on the government under the new leadership regime installed to address worrying polling results for the...

PM sells skills as red tape targeted

Chris Johnson Skills reform will be the major focus of today's Council of Australian Governments meeting, with Prime Minister Julia Gillard insisting the workforce must be trained to meet the challenges of the new...

Combet: HSU works against labor values

Chris Johnson Climate Change Minister Greg Combet has condemned the antics of some Health Services Union officials as unacceptable and against Labor values.

Wait for it: HSU saga to continue as DPP calls for a closer look

Chris Johnson Another lengthy investigation into the Health Services Union will be required before anyone will come close to being prosecuted over allegations of corruption and misuse of membership funds.

Gillard admits 'deep disappointment' at Qld wipe-out

Chris Johnson The size of Labor's drubbing in the Queensland election has surprised Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who insists the result was very much decided on local issues.

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Govt will fight court challenges

Chris Johnson The government is determined to fight any High Court challenge Australia's billionaire miners may launch against the nation's new mining tax.