Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson is Canberra bureau chief. Most recently Chris was the National Political Correspondent for The Sunday Age and The Sun-Herald

Medical specifics 'no one's business'

Chris Johnson The federal opposition is under fire from the Australian medical fraternity for daring to question the validity of a doctor's certificate issued to troubled Labor MP Craig Thomson.

Australia losing its place in low-carbon economy race: report

Chris Johnson Australia is the only G20 country to have gone backwards on its low-carbon competitiveness since 1995, according to a report to be issued today.

PM to offer ACT $28m more for job training

Chris Johnson Prime Minister Julia Gillard will today offer the ACT a further $28 million in skills funding under the new National Partnership Agreement on Skills Reform.

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Budget blue: Wong says opposition policies are in the red

Chris Johnson Opposition policies would thrust the Australian budget $9 billion into deficit, according to government calculations released yesterday.

Costello not right for job: Minchin

Chris Johnson Former Liberal Party heavyweight Nick Minchin has bought into the Future Fund debate to claim that his one-time colleague Peter Costello was not the right person for the chairman's job.

Abbott slams Gonski's nod

Chris Johnson Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has begun a strong attack against the government for not allowing former treasurer Peter Costello to chair the $70 billion Future Fund.

Abbott goes for his guns

Chris Johnson Australia's border protection is in such a mess the nation is now threatened by a flood of illegal handguns, according to Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, who has boldly made a link between asylum...

Sell carbon message to families: PM's push

Chris Johnson Australia's new carbon pricing regime equals tax cuts for families, according to Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who wants her MPs to sell that message to the electorate.

Please pay us a visit, devastated village tells Australians

Chris Johnson I n the small fishing village of Minamisanriku on Japan's north-east coast, Australian visitors are most welcome.

Abbott tells the faithful that he'll be next PM

Chris Johnson Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has declared he is confident Australians will send him to The Lodge, suggesting to a Liberal Party audience he is a sure bet to be prime minister.

Carr coup puts PM back at the wheel

Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced former NSW Premier Bob Carr will join her government as a Senator and act as Foreign Affairs minister during a press conference at Parliament House Canberra on Friday 2 March 2012. Photo: Andrew Meares

Chris Johnson Prime Minister Julia Gillard has stared down her own cabinet to name former NSW premier Bob Carr as the government's new foreign minister.

Our 'undermining' magnates

Chris Johnson Treasurer Wayne Swan has taken his strongest swipe to date against the vested interests of some of Australia's richest business people.

PM pressed over role of faceless men in Carr offer

Chris Johnson Prime Minister Julia Gillard has again been forced to defend accusations she is controlled by Labor's faceless men, following revelations a senior party official offered former NSW premier Bob Carr a...

Gillard keeps her ministers sweating

Chris Johnson Prime Minister Julia Gillard is keeping her frontbench sweating, refusing to rule out punishing those ministers who publicly backed Kevin Rudd in this week's bitter leadership battle.

Labor sets course for renewal

Former Prime Minister and recently resigned Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd speaks at a press conference in Canberra, Australia.

Chris Johnson The way is clear for the battle-scarred federal Labor Party to reform cabinet after Prime Minister Julia Gillard vanquished leadership contender Kevin Rudd yesterday and Sports Minister Mark Arbib...

Moving on up

Kevin Rudd and Therese Rein Meets and Greets people in Queen street mall in Brisbane.

Chris Johnson More Labor backbenchers have joined the ranks of the undecided in tomorrow's leadership ballot, following additional high level support for Kevin Rudd and overwhelming public opinion in favour of the...

Aust economy in 'sweet spot'

Chris Johnson Treasury boss Martin Parkinson has declared that Australia is not Greece and that this nation's economic future is not one of doom and gloom.

Making lasting memories of leadership

Chris Johnson Following the leader was easy enough for St Mary MacKillop College students armed with smartphones and ear-to-ear grins yesterday, but the concept might have been more muddled for observers of...

Qantas admits axe will fall again

Chris Johnson More job cuts are on the way at Qantas, on top of the 500 announced yesterday. But Prime Minister Julia Gillard has still been quick to welcome labour market figures revealing an unexpected drop in...

Ministers defend PM as questions remain

Chris Johnson Government ministers have come to the defence of Prime Minister Julia Gillard, insisting there was nothing underhanded in the way she toppled Kevin Rudd for the Labor leadership in 2010.