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Murder accused fronts ACT court

Chris Navin.

Ewa Kretowicz Christopher David Navin is accused of murdering Nicholas Sofer-Schreiber.

Breastfeeding mother Juliet Moody shows us her wit in viral video

Juliet moody and Catherine Crowley after their song Stop showing us your breastfeeding tits went viral on youtube
The Canberra Times
06 February 2014
Photo Jay Cronan

Ewa Kretowicz Tired of the dirty looks every time she breastfed, a musician decided it was time to push back.

Australia Day Honours

Bill Stefaniak AM is still serving and keen to give back to the community

Bill Stefaniak

Ewa Kretowicz Self-confessed rugby tragic Bill Stefaniak isn't ready to hang up his boots or give up his life creed of giving back to the community.

Sacked maid faces deportation to Peru

Maria Nelida Paz Mori

Ewa Kretowicz, Phillip Thomson A sacked staffer at the Peruvian embassy in Canberra is facing possible deportation, amid claims she was mistreated by her employer.

Blood test may lead to gender selection

Blood test.

Ewa Kretowicz A simple blood test that is more accurate than present invasive and risky tests for chromosomal disorders will be available in Australia from next year but concerns have been raised it could be used...

Batteries power to top of harm list

Generic batteries for Sunday Age SPECIAL BATTERIE

Ewa Kretowicz Children are more likely to be hospitalised for eating liquid laundry pods than quad bike accidents, according to the latest statistics from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

$1bn bill for obesity and heart drugs


Ewa Kretowicz Obesity and cardiovascular disease cost taxpayers nearly $1 billion a year for medication alone.

Statins offer quick fix for heart, for a price

Ewa Kretowicz Obesity and cardiovascular disease costs taxpayers nearly $1 billion a year in medication alone.

Cholesterol drugs heavy going for PBS and health

Ewa Kretowicz Obesity and cardiovascular disease is costing taxpayers nearly $1 billion in medication alone.

Call to widen safer, more reliable Down syndrome test

Ewa Kretowicz A new, safer and more reliable blood test for Down syndrome isn't available locally.

Blood screen less threat to foetus


Ewa Kretowicz Australian women are risking miscarriage with invasive Down syndrome tests because a new, safer and more reliable blood test has not been made available.

'I don’t believe in luck': Australian man tells of the climb that killed his companions

Chris Warner, was with the two NZ climbers who were killed on K2.

Ewa Kretowicz Chris Warner made the agonising decision to turn back while climbing the treacherous K2. It is probably a decision that saved his life.

Face of social change

Facebook's Manager of Public Policies Katie Harbath.

Ewa Kretowicz Katie Harbath's favourite West Wing character is Ainsley Hayes, the fast-talking, blonde Republican associate White House counsel hired by a Democratic president.

PS payout rorts may turn sour

Public servants are being offered redundancies then being told they are free to return to the job after just one week.

Noel Towell and Ewa Kretowicz Federal public servants are being offered redundancy payouts and told they are free to return to the bureaucracy after just one week.

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Brown isn't beautiful

Ewa Kretowicz Young Australians in search of the body beautiful are turning to a potentially lethal technique to enhance their appearance.

AFP officer faces court on child indecency charge


Ewa Kretowicz A sworn Australian Federal Police officer has been charged with committing an act of indecency against a 12-year-old boy.

Teen love shown to be most consuming

teen romance generic young couple

Ewa Kretowicz BACK in 1965, Cat Stevens wrote The First Cut is the Deepest. It turns out he was right. New research from a joint American and Australian study has found that teen love feels life-changing because...

First love: researchers get to the heart of why teen breakups are so hard to do


Ewa Kretowicz It turns out that Cat Stevens was right when he wrote The First Cut Is the Deepest.

'Penis cam' DJ says prank went too far

Jorian Gardner.

Ewa Kretowicz The shock jock who caused national outrage with remarks about 'up-skirting' the Prime Minister says DJs who prank called the Duchess of Cambridge's hospital went too far.

Toxic takeaway: cholera, listeria and salmonella


Ewa Kretowicz CHOLERA-DUSTED prawns, peanuts with a side of pesticide, salmonella-infused chilli powder and E. coli and listeria-flavoured cheeses have been stopped en route to supermarket shelves this year.