Jacob Saulwick

Jacob Saulwick

Jacob Saulwick is Transport Reporter for The Sydney Morning Herald.

Sydney's newest transport option

Sydney's newest transport option (Thumbnail)Click to play video

Jacob Saulwick Fairfax transport reporter Jacob Saulwick rates Sydney's newest tram on its extended line to Dulwich Hill in the inner west.

Motor groups support push for user-pays road charges


Jacob Saulwick Motorists who drive less and stay off the road in peak hour would pay less in fuel taxes and registration fees, under proposals put forward by motoring groups.

Listen to how Jessica Camilleri threatens her father

Listen how Jessica Camilleri threatens her father (Thumbnail)Click to play video

Jacob Saulwick Intercepted phone conversations between a senior RailCorp executive and his daughter have been heard during corruption hearing.

Government planning proposals lack merit, says Michael Deegan

Jacob Saulwick The country's chief infrastructure adviser has lashed out at the continued poor quality of planning by state and federal governments in a parting broadside as he prepares to lose his job.

Transport for NSW slammed for exessive secrecy over north-west rail link


Jacob Saulwick The state's information watchdog has hit out at Transport for NSW for excessive secrecy over the $8.3 billion north-west rail link.

Concern over age of Cootes' fuel tankers

Jacob Saulwick Fuel tankers used by the company involved in the fatal crash at Mona Vale this month are older on average than the typical Australian car, according to tightly held information made available to...

Labor's second airport to take off

Jacob Saulwick Sydney residents could be flying in and out of a major airport in western Sydney within a decade after Deputy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said construction would start on an airport within three...

Sydney train timetable overhaul revealed

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Jacob Saulwick Jacob Saulwick reveals who are the the winners and who are the losers in Sydney's biggest train timetable change in almost a decade.

Labor baulks at decision on second airport before election


Jacob Saulwick The federal government will not nominate a site for a second airport for Sydney before the election, despite insisting one will soon be necessary.

O'Farrell still opposed to second airport despite Melbourne deal

Barry O'Farrell

Anna Patty, Matt O'Sullivan, Jacob Saulwick Premier Barry O'Farrell has refused to budge from his opposition to a second Sydney airport at Badgerys Creek after Victoria announced it would build a second international airport.

High-speed train built 'in two decades'

Jacob Saulwick A high-speed rail line between Sydney and Melbourne could be finished in just over 20 years, allowing travel between the two cities in less than three hours, according to a multimillion-dollar study...

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Cyclists without helmets 'likely to be risk takers'


Jacob Saulwick CYCLISTS who do not wear helmets are more likely to ride in ways that put them at risk, according to a study of more than 6700 bike riders who collided with motor vehicles.

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Greens push millionaires' tax to spare single parents


Jacob Saulwick THE Greens' proposed ''millionaires' tax'' increase of 5¢ in the dollar would generate at least $790 million over three years, according to a Treasury costing of the policy.

Coalition backdown on roads promise

Warren Truss

Lenore Taylor, Jacob Saulwick TONY ABBOTT'S transport spokesman has cast doubt on his promise that Coalition funding of $4 billion for big projects will put cranes over Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane within a year of its election.

What fits in your wallet and is immune to interest rate cuts? A credit card

Interest rates on more than two-thirds of credit cards have remained unchanged since last year?s Melbourne Cup.

Daniella Miletic and Jacob Saulwick Banks and credit card companies are pocketing hundreds of millions of dollars in extra interest payments by refusing to pass on Reserve Bank rate cuts to credit cards.

Many young drivers text, use apps behind wheel

A man is texting while driving

Jacob Saulwick About a third of young drivers regularly read or send texts behind the wheel, and about a fifth check the internet or use mobile phone apps.

Super not paid, say redundant workers

National trucking firm 1st Fleet has been placed into administration and has ceased trading.Storeman Peter Cook 32 embraces a workmate at the Smithfield deopt.

Jacob Saulwick STAFF at collapsed trucking and logistics company 1st Fleet say they have been paid scant superannuation for up to two years.

Enter the dragon: new year begins in rain of fire


Jacob Saulwick THE highlight of Sydney's Chinese New Year celebrations will be a dancing fire dragon, twisting from Town Hall to Darling Harbour, at times under a shower of hot iron.

Gillard pokies backflip angers those trying to heal the hurt

Gambling Impact Society

Jacob Saulwick IF Julia Gillard backs away from her timetable to introduce meaningful changes to poker machines, it will disgust the members of the Gambling Impact Society of NSW.

Gillard retreats on pokie reforms

Prime minister Julia Gillard

Richard Willingham, Jacob Saulwick JULIA GILLARD is understood to have backed away from her promise to introduce a mandatory pre-commitment scheme for using poker machines.