Julie Power

Julie Power is a reporter for Fairfax Media

John bought prescription opioids to mix with methadone to give him a high similar to heroin.

The next drug epidemic coming to Australia

Prescription opioid painkillers were so common on the streets of Sydney's Darlinghurst and Kings Cross that recovering addict John*, 49, found them easier to buy than heroin, his "stone" of choice.  

Jo-ann and Michael Morris with their son, Samuel, in 2013 when he was in palliative care at Bear Cottage in Manly, Sydney.

Mother's awful discovery on sunny autumn day left toddler 'invisible' victim

For every fatal drowning of a child under the age of four, eight to nine children on average are hospitalised each year from non-fatal drowning injuries that sometimes result in severe brain injuries and learning disabilities, finds research from the Royal Life Saving Society of Australia quantifying the real size and cost of the problem.