Lenore Taylor

Lenore Taylor

Lenore Taylor is chief political correspondent for The Sydney Morning Herald. She is a Walkley Award winner, a winner of the Paul Lyneham Award for excellence in press gallery journalism and a former foreign correspondent, based in London. She co-authored a book, "Shitstorm" on the Rudd government's response to the global economic crisis. She has covered federal politics for more than 20 years.

We may compensate for carbon tax refits - Hockey

Joe Hockey

Lenore Taylor THE coalition will consider compensating big companies that are part-way through expensive refits to reduce their carbon price liability when the carbon tax is abolished, according to shadow...

Lenore Taylor

Fix mining tax or lose $1b for jobs, Gillard told


Lenore Taylor THE Gillard government is facing another $1 billion budget shortfall and an embarrassing parliamentary defeat, with the Greens and the Coalition set to block cuts to research and development funding.

Coalition backdown on roads promise

Warren Truss

Lenore Taylor, Jacob Saulwick TONY ABBOTT'S transport spokesman has cast doubt on his promise that Coalition funding of $4 billion for big projects will put cranes over Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane within a year of its election.

UN funds axed to help refugees

Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr speaks during a media conference in Colombo December 17, 2012. Carr is on a three-day visit to the Island. REUTERS/Dinuka Liyanawatte (SRI LANKA - Tags: POLITICS)

Lenore Taylor, Judith Ireland Australia's contributions to United Nations humanitarian and development bodies will be cut by $20 million this year to pay for food and housing for asylum seekers in Australia, just months after...

Treasurers want online tax-free limit reduced

Mike Baird

Lenore Taylor GOT some great deals doing online Christmas shopping on overseas sites? That is exactly why state governments are worried.

Ashby campaign an Australian version of Watergate - Labor


Lenore Taylor LABOR frontbenchers have accused the Coalition of being part of ''a conspiracy to bring down the government'' and have likened the James Ashby sexual harassment case to Watergate, as the government...

Government ready to attack over Slipper

Government ready to attack over Slipper (Thumbnail)Click to play video

Lenore Taylor Gillard government expected to target Tony Abbott over his involvement in the Peter Slipper affair, national affairs correspondent Lenore Taylor reports.

Truce suggested on 2nd airport

Truce suggested on 2nd airport (Thumbnail)Click to play video

Lenore Taylor Could federal MPs cut a deal to put a 2nd airport at Badgerys Creek? A senior Coalition figure is talking up the need for an airport truce.

Campaign for flexible work

Campaign for flexible work (Thumbnail)Click to play video

Lenore Taylor Trade unions want new flexibility for workers who need time to care for loved ones.

ACTU pushes for flexibility for carers

Ged Kearney

Lenore Taylor ALL workers who care for children, elderly parents or incapacitated partners would have the right to ask their employer for flexible hours and to seek arbitration if they were refused under changes...

Abbott's axe being blunted by Gillard's late fightback on tax

Lenore Taylor dinkus

Lenore Taylor Ever so slowly, Julia Gillard is making up ground in the great fight over electricity prices - the defining battle of this Parliament.

Push to transform energy sources

Attention: Photo editors, photo libraries

The attached images are of contemporary wind farms for your photo library. S

These are supplied by Pacific Hydro Ltd which has started to build

Australia's biggest wind farm at Codrington and which has plans for another much bigger 150 megawatt wind farm around Portland, Victoria.

It is our observation that many photo editors are using out of date images, usually containing a mass of small cluttered turbines on landscapes.  We suggest that all such images be replaced by the attached.

Lenore Taylor Australia could source 85 per cent of its power from clean energy sources by 2050.

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Coalition joins Labor attack on O'Farrell's airport plan

Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey

Lenore Taylor, Josephine Tovey SENIOR Coalition figures have joined Labor's attack on the O'Farrell government for approving a housing development in the flight path of Canberra Airport, which the NSW Premier insists should also...

Labor lifts and Abbott has to shift

Lenore Taylor Labor's national secretary, George Wright, says Australian politics has entered the ''post-carbon'' phase.

Power pricing package to cut consumer energy bills

Households and businesses will be able to cut power bills by choosing to switch off during peak demand times when electricity costs soar.

Lenore Taylor Households and businesses will be able to cut power bills by choosing to switch off during peak demand times.

Households could be paid to switch off

Lenore Taylor Households and businesses will be able to cut their electricity bills by choosing to switch off during peak demand times when power costs soar under a package of reforms from the federal government.

Rudd poll sharpens Labor divide

Rudd poll sharpens Labor divide (Thumbnail)Click to play video

Lenore Taylor The story behind a poll on former PM Kevin Rudd's popularity reveals how leadership tensions are still troubling federal Labor.

Union orders secret poll on Rudd revival

Kevin Rudd

Lenore Taylor and Phillip Coorey Queensland branch of United Voice commissioned secret polling on Rudd leadership return.

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Union orders secret poll on Rudd revival

Lenore Taylor, Phillip Coorey Controversial secret polling calculating the boost to Labor from Kevin Rudd returning to the leadership was commissioned by the Queensland branch of the United Voice, sparking a bitter fight within...

Power pollution plunges

Hazelwood Power Station

Lenore Taylor The carbon tax has helped to drive a sharp fall in the emissions intensity of Australia's power generation as coal-fired stations are closed, moth-balled or sell less electricity.