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Markus Mannheim edits The Public Sector Informant and writes regularly about government administration and policy.

Government running costs to reach record high as disability expenses mount

Markus Mannheim Departmental expenses - the money needed to manage government programs - to soar to an historic high after the 2016 election.

Watchdog exposes tricks public servants use to avoid sharing information with the public

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Markus Mannheim Report finds the Department of Human Service's FOI staff became secretive and obsessed with process.

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Public servants must be willing to confront underperforming staff: Stephen Sedgwick

Outgoing Australian Public Service Commissioner Stephen Sedgwick.

Markus Mannheim The federal bureaucracy sacked fewer employees in 2013-14 than at any other time in the past 15 years.

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Freedom of information law overseen by one man working from home

Information Commissioner Professor John McMillan has lost his staff but not his legal obligations.

Markus Mannheim Agency head laughs off his 'slightly more awkward working environment', saying 'in an age of technology, it's possible'.

Public service clean, survey says, but corruption experts sceptical

Commonwealth officials have long said state, territory and local bureaucracies are far more corruption-prone.

Markus Mannheim Just 2.6 per cent of public service staff witnessed a colleague engage in corrupt behaviour over the past year.

Crackdown on public service jobs that pay too much or too little

Illustration: John Shakespeare

Markus Mannheim The federal bureaucracy is about to crack down on public servants who are paid vastly more, or less, than their work warrants.

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Universities tell Finance Department head Jane Halton to stop calling herself 'professor'

Chastised: Finance Department secretary Jane Halton, who is an adjunct professor at two universities and has an honorary doctorate.

Markus Mannheim Department indicates the widespread use of the honorific was an error by deferential public servants.

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Freedom of information watchdog may be saved but staff have already left

PUP senator Jacqui Lambie says if Clive Palmer (pictured)

Markus Mannheim The Senate might save the federal government's information watchdog at the 11th hour but many of its Canberra staff have already left.

Angry Norfolk Islanders reject recommendation to abolish parliament in favour of Canberra rule

Norfolk Island Chief Minister Lisle Snell lobbying in Canberra.

Markus Mannheim When Canberrans were asked in 1978 if they wanted to govern themselves, a resounding majority said "no".

Austerity drive wipes out one in 11 federal government jobs in Canberra

Generic newspaper job ads.

Markus Mannheim The federal government's austerity drive claimed the jobs of almost one in 11 of its staff in Canberra last financial year.

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Immigration Department broke law by publishing asylum seekers' private details

Breach: Personal details of about 9250 immigration detainees were published online.

Markus Mannheim Privacy Commissioner report concludes the Department broke the law exposing private details of 'vulnerable' people, but imposes no penalties.

Government agencies failing to learn from complaints


Markus Mannheim Government agencies believe they are getting better at handling public complaints, but they are failing to fix what actually causes problems.

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Federal public servants face pay 'rises' of 0 per cent or worse

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Markus Mannheim The government has given at least two agencies the green light to offer staff nothing.

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Executive jobs to go as Immigration and Customs merge to form Australian Border Force

Immigration Department head Michael Pezzullo.

Markus Mannheim The purge of federal public service jobs will spare most immigration and customs staff as they prepare to form the new Australian Border Force.

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Tougher career path for public service recruits as 'classification creep' ends

career rise

Markus Mannheim The public service's middle-management ranks have shrunk for the first time in 15 years.

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Forensic search of Dunlop home after Gabriela Woutersz admits to murdering mother

Dunlop murder

Markus Mannheim Investigators continued a forensic search of the scene of an alleged murder at the weekend, after the victim's daughter confessed to the killing in court.

Public service redundancies outstrip resignations for first time since Howard government

Job security in the public service is declining and conditions are under assault.

Noel Towell and Markus Mannheim Doubt cast on government claims of reducing the bureaucracy's numbers through "natural attrition".

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'Market forces' create bloated hospital bureaucracies: international study

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Markus Mannheim US hospitals spend a quarter of their budgets on administration, more than twice as much as some other countries.

NSW Parliament appoints Stephen Bartos as election costings watchdog

Independent monitor: Stephen Bartos will hold politicians to account as NSW's new parliamentary budget officer.

Markus Mannheim Prominent Canberra consultant Stephen Bartos will oversee the costing of NSW election promises as the state's voters prepare to head to the ballot box next year.

Chris Moraitis joins the top table in Abbott's latest reshuffle of department heads

The new head of the Attorney-General's Department, Chris Moraitis.

Markus Mannheim A career diplomat has become the newest member of the public service's top tier.