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Markus Mannheim edits The Public Sector Informant and writes regularly about government administration and policy.

Public service's leaked guide to dobbing on colleagues is now 'secret'

Markus Mannheim Prime Minister Tony Abbott's department has taken the bizarre step of declaring that its advice on how staff should use Facebook and Twitter is a secret, even though it has been reported across the...

The murky ethics of job applications and selection criteria

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Markus Mannheim Is it ethical, or even lawful, for a public servant to pay someone else to write a job application?

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Eric Abetz on public service performance bonuses, wages ... and widgets

Leader of the Government in the Senate, Senator Eric Abetz, during Question Time at Parliament House in Canberra on Wednesday 12 February 2014.
Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Markus Mannheim The Public Service Minister tells the Informant about his approach to the bureaucracy's upcoming wage negotiations.

Public Trustee for the ACT rocked by alleged fraud scandal

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Markus Mannheim A massive alleged embezzlement scandal has been uncovered at a small government agency that looks after the funds of the most vulnerable Canberrans.

Are public service job losses really the price of a pay rise?

Markus Mannheim It's impossible to assess the government's wage modelling without seeing it in full, but there are a few obvious flaws.

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'Middle managers' under threat as public service jobs cull continues

Markus Mannheim The government's razor gangs have middle managers firmly in sight as the public service continues to shed jobs.

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Public servants no longer able to snoop on job rivals


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Markus Mannheim Bureaucrats can no longer read the job applications of rivals who beat them to a promotion, the information watchdog has ruled.

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CSIRO staff fear they will be squashed into tiny, noisy workspaces


Markus Mannheim Canberra scientists fear they will soon be squashed into tiny, noisy workspaces that make it too hard for them to do their research.

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The inevitable descent into government gobbledygook

Markus Mannheim Public service recruits quickly discover that the TLA, or three-letter-acronym, conquers all in Canberra.

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ASIO 'unlawfully' coerced man into interview

Justice Duncan Kerr has chastised ASIO and the Immigration department for their treatment of a Muslim immigrant deemed a security risk.

Markus Mannheim and Michael Inman Australian spies illegally coerced a man into speaking with them and failed to inform him of his rights, a tribunal says.

ASIO methods used to assess threat of would-be police officer criticised


Markus Mannheim, Michael Inman Australian spies illegally coerced a man into speaking with them and failed to inform him of his rights, a tribunal says.

Austerity drive hits some public service agencies harder than others

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Markus Mannheim Staff in the departments of communications, social services and industry were more likely to lose their jobs in recent months.

Blind, pregnant, injured women told their jobs may go

Amanda Heal is legally blind and works as a legislative drafter for the government.

Markus Mannheim Government agency tells three women - one blind, one pregnant and one who was injured at work - they are likely to lose their jobs.

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Boat people: warning on rising cost of refugees - up to $500,000 each

asylum seekers

Markus Mannheim Each asylum seeker who tries to reach Australia on a boat could cost taxpayers almost half a million dollars, the latest budget data suggests.

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Manus Island detainees in sex video, PNG MP claims

Papua New Guinean MP for Manus Island, Ronny Knight. Source: Facebook


Markus Mannheim A PNG politician says asylum seekers detained on Manus Island have appeared in a pornographic film with local girls.

Tourism tweets top government's Twitter success

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Markus Mannheim The federal bureaucracy's use of Twitter is growing rapidly, but analysts say the government should do less "talking at" and more "talking with".

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Coalition could axe 17,000 public sector jobs


Markus Mannheim The latest budget papers suggest the government could shed more than 17,000 jobs in three years.

Damages payout for 'misuse' of top-secret security clearance

Our internet habits are being scrutinised if not by spyware that secretly monitors every keystroke we make then by employers who want to check staff aren't bludging.
Photo illustration by Anthea Ho Anthea Russo innovations

Markus Mannheim, Michael Inman A dispute between two companies that train public servants has revealed the lucrative market value of top-secret security clearances.

Reviews warn of failure to deal with public servants' underperformance

Stephen Sedgwick.

Markus Mannheim The federal bureaucracy must learn to deal effectively with unmotivated and incompetent staff, a series of reviews has found.

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Public servants seek ethical advice about Twitter, Facebook posts

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Markus Mannheim Public servants remain confused about what they can write on Facebook and Twitter, and regularly seek ethical advice.

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