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Markus Mannheim edits The Public Sector Informant and writes regularly about government administration and policy.

IT executive Rebecca Richardson's sexual harassment win to 'rock employers'

Markus Mannheim An IT executive who was sexually harassed by a colleague has won a payout that observers say will rock employers.

Border Force's menacing 'logo' a lesson in getting design right, says its creator

Border Force 'logo'

Markus Mannheim Two weeks ago, Scott Morrison walked into a room to talk about a new border protection headquarters. But the audience wasn't listening.

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GovHack finishes but the ideas it planted are just starting to grow

The GovHack competition

Markus Mannheim More than 1300 programmers, designers, students and other inquisitive folk took part in this year's weekend-long "hackathon".

Union urges public servants not to yield pay rises and workplace rights

Federal Employment Minister Eric Abetz.

Markus Mannheim The main public servants' union has urged staff not to cave in to the Abbott government's industrial threats as an effective wage freeze takes hold across the bureaucracy.

The dilemma of public servants' sexual secrets

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Markus Mannheim The new Public Service Act makes it easier for bureaucrats to conceal conflicts of interests. Why?

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Secret state: costly government security clearances 'spiralling out of control'

Top secret

Markus Mannheim Almost all federal government staff, even those in menial jobs, are now security vetted, a costly requirement once reserved for a select few.

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Ex-department head Allan Hawke criticises public servant bonuses

Former federal department head Allan Hawke.

Markus Mannheim A former top bureaucrat says he is staggered by the "outrageous" six-figure bonuses a government agency routinely pays its senior staff.

Join the public service's happiest workplace: the Future Fund Management Agency


Markus Mannheim A government agency that offers big bonuses to staff has, unsurprisingly, a very engaged workforce.

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Australia's luckiest public servant? Mystery bureaucrat gets $633,000 performance bonus


Markus Mannheim Somewhere in the federal bureaucracy, a lucky junior executive received an extraordinary bonus last year: almost half a million dollars.

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Public servants' wages stagnate, but still rise faster than other workers'


Markus Mannheim Federal public servants' salaries are stagnating, though their wages still rose slightly faster than other Australian workers' last year.

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Should public servants work part time to save colleagues' jobs?

Fewer hours will mean lower productivity.

Markus Mannheim The Australian Public Service should look at how some savvy companies helped staff during the global financial crisis.

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Queen's birthday honours: medal for MH370 search head John Young

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority's John Young addresses the media in March.

Markus Mannheim John Young became the public face of the hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines jet MH370.

Queen's birthday honour for CSIRO chief Megan Clark

CSIRO chief executive Megan Clark.

Markus Mannheim As the head of Australia's national science agency, Megan Clark oversees some extraordinary researchers.

'We deliver pizzas, not policies': plain English eludes the Australian Public Service

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Markus Mannheim British civil servants are embracing plain English, while our reports seem more arcane than ever.

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Finance Department secretary David Tune resigns

Finance Department secretary David Tune with his minister, Mathias Cormann.

Markus Mannheim The head of the federal Finance Department has shocked staff, telling them he will step down within a month.

Court case reveals high-stakes, cut-throat market for training spies

Generic spy pic

Markus Mannheim and Michael Inman A former Canberra businessman who stole information from his employer and used it to sell training courses to a spy agency has been ordered to make a massive payout.

Ex-museum head says a combined pay deal will save cultural institutions from budget cuts

News: Generic image of the National Library of Australia, Parkes, Canberra. 5th of February 2014. Canberra Times Photograph by Katherine Griffiths

Markus Mannheim, Sally Pryor A former head of one of Canberra's cultural institutions has a simple idea to spare them from the government's razor gang.

Canberra cops brunt of sports cuts as government favours elite athletes over amateurs

Australian Sports Commission CEO Simon Hollingsworth.

Markus Mannheim, David Barbeler, Ben Westcott and Lucy Carroll The federal government's cuts to sports spending will be felt almost entirely in Canberra, even though the Australian Institute of Sport was spared from a severe pruning.

Abbott government's budget guts freedom of information watchdog as it switches focus to privacy

Generic padlocked files.

Markus Mannheim Australia's information watchdog will be gutted over the next six months, as the government switches its policy emphasis from openness to privacy.

Government's public sector redundancy budget is missing millions

money bag

Markus Mannheim The federal budget appears to have a gaping hole: it has failed to set aside enough funds for what is likely to be a record public sector redundancy bill.

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