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Markus Mannheim edits The Public Sector Informant and writes regularly about government administration and policy.

Program clash confuses Canberra

Markus Mannheim Federal bureaucrats are so keen to demonstrate their willingness to serve the Abbott government they are changing the way they spell.

Get with the 'programme', public servants


Markus Mannheim Public Service Editor Federal bureaucrats are so keen to demonstrate their willingness to serve the Abbott government that they are changing the way they spell.

Get with the 'programme', public servants

An example of the Coalition's use of

Markus Mannheim Public servants are confused about how to write the now highly politicised word 'program' (or is that 'programme'?).

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A cocktail of corruption? Networking 'is immoral'

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Markus Mannheim A Canberra ethicist says career networking is akin to bribery; an immoral attempt to gain an illegitimate advantage over others.

Questions over Abbott's sudden sackings

Abbott names his ministry (Thumbnail)

Markus Mannheim One of Prime Minister Tony Abbott's first acts – the reported dismissal of three department heads – will cost his government almost $2 million in payouts.

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High price of churn

The public service will begin to squeeze itself into a shape that fits Tony Abbott's new Administrative Arrangements Order.

Markus Mannheim Comment: Once again, the federal bureaucracy is poised to upend itself to suit a PM's whims.

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Public service may not be cut so deeply

CPSU members.

Markus Mannheim Comment: Should we pity public servants in the wake of the election?

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Public servants warned: watch what you say


Stephanie Anderson and Markus Mannheim Public servants have a ''special job'' and should be unsurprised if they are disciplined - even sacked - for criticising the government, an employment law specialist says.

Public servant loses fight over Twitter attack on government

Michaela Banerji

Markus Mannheim A court has paved the way for a public servant who criticised the government on Twitter to be sacked, even though she didn't reveal her name or her job to readers.

Labor planning to ditch 4000 jobs

Public service dinkus dink

Markus Mannheim Federal government workplaces are expected to cull more than 4000 jobs over the next 11 months.

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Colourful tales of bureaucracy's budget games

Treasurer Chris Bowen and Finance Minister Senator Penny Wong speak to the media after releasing the Economic Statement, at Parliament House in Canberra on Friday 2 August 2013. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Markus Mannheim To eliminate wasteful end-of-year spending, the government must first admit it's a problem.

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'Damning' evidence of wasteful spend-ups

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Markus Mannheim Public servants go into a spending frenzy towards the end of the financial year, blowing more than three times as much taxpayers' money than in other months.

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Public service pay gap to hit $47,000 a year

money pay rise

Markus Mannheim, Noel Towell Some public servants earn tens of thousands of dollars less than colleagues in other agencies even though they are employed at the same level.

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Claims PS cuts driving 'bullying' culture

Nadine Flood

Markus Mannheim Cuts to public service budgets are fuelling bullying within the federal bureaucracy, a union says.

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PS bonuses back under Abbott

The Productivity Agenda
Panel discussion with sen Arthur Sinodinos

Markus Mannheim Senior bureaucrats would be paid bonuses under an Abbott government.

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Top-heavy department will shed its executives

Deputy secretary Barbara Bennett.

Markus Mannheim The federal bureaucracy's biggest workplace says it has too many executives and middle managers.

Coalition plans to move public service to the north

Mercury, News, Abbott in Nowra.
Opposition Leader Tony Abbott in Nowra meets the died in the wool blue blood young liberals for a photocall following his fund raising luncheon at the Worigee House Reception Centre. 13th June 2013.
Pix Ken Robertson, Story Kate McIlwain.

Markus Mannheim The federal Coalition wants to shift parts of the bureaucracy to northern Australia to help develop the cities and towns of the region.

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Protect our data, but don't monitor us online

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Markus Mannheim Australians have a high level of trust in governments to protect their personal information from misuse, a survey has found.

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PS pay growth outstrips nation

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Markus Mannheim Federal bureaucrats' salaries grew almost twice as quickly last year as the government's wage targets.

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No plans to cull bureaucrats: Hockey

Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey.

Markus Mannheim The federal opposition has sought to calm fears it will cull the bureaucracy's leaders if it wins office.

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