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Markus Mannheim edits The Public Sector Informant and writes regularly about government administration and policy.

Motel sex was work: court goes for compo


Markus Mannheim A public servant who was injured while having sex during a work trip has won compensation after a five-year legal battle.

Public servant wins legal battle after being injured during sex

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Markus Mannheim A PUBLIC servant who was injured while having sex during a work trip has won compensation after a five-year legal battle.

Hacker's military database raid 'fun'

Markus Mannheim A LONE hacker stole the personal details of thousands of Australian military staff during an attack he conducted ''for fun''.

PS numbers defy the axe

Markus Mannheim The federal bureaucracy continued to grow earlier this year despite the toughest crackdown on spending in more than a decade and at a time when many agencies were retrenching staff.

Bureaucracy at its largest in 24 years

File photos of Stephen Sedgwick, Australian Public Service Commission. Sources: supplied.

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Markus Mannheim The federal bureaucracy continued to grow earlier this year despite the toughest crackdown on spending in over a decade, and at a time many agencies were retrenching staff.

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Large workplaces struggle with sickies

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Markus Mannheim The federal bureaucracy is struggling to rein in the number of sickies its staff take. Three of the worst offending agencies have consistently topped the public service's absence rates over the past...

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Bureaucrats warned against online gossip

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Markus Mannheim A senior federal official has warned public servants to vet carefully what they say online, lest their "gossip" undermine the public's faith in the bureaucracy.

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One in six public servants 'bullied'

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Markus Mannheim Almost half of the alleged bullying in the federal bureaucracy is thought to be based on personality differences. A further one in three cases relates to attempts to improve staff performance.

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Activists tackle closed government culture


Markus Mannheim Activists have marked the 30th birthday of Australia's freedom of information laws by creating a simpler way to access government documents.

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Public servants hit career 'bottleneck'

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Markus Mannheim The growing number of middle managers in the federal bureaucracy has created a career "bottleneck" that drives some staff out of the public service, a research paper says.

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Few know of religious exemption

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Markus Mannheim Most people are unaware religious schools can sack teachers who are gay or who have children outside of marriage, a survey says.

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Agencies wary of paid-out PS staff

Public Service Commission Stephen Sedgwick (supplied).


Markus Mannheim Government agencies are loath to hire retrenched public servants as they regard them as duds rejected by their previous workplaces.

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Extra public service recruits in Swan's revision

Treasurer Wayne Swan during a press conference at Parliament House Canberra on Tuesday 2 October 2012.

Markus Mannheim The federal government has offered the bureaucracy a slight reprieve from its austerity drive, funding an extra 1300 full-time jobs this financial year.

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Wong to cut $550m but vows to leave jobs untouched

Finance Minister Penny Wong

Peter Martin, Markus Mannheim EXPERTS have expressed deep scepticism about the pledge by the Finance Minister, Penny Wong, yesterday to take an extra half a billion dollars from the public service without touching jobs.

PS wings clipped in war on costs

Minister for the Public Service and Integrity Gary Gray and Finance Minister Senator Penny Wong speak to the media during a doorstop interview at the Australian Institute of Company Directors Public Sector Governance Forum in Canberra on Tuesday 25 September 2012.
Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Ross Peake, Markus Mannheim Most federal bureaucrats will no longer fly business class on the eastern seaboard - if they travel to meetings at all - under further belt-tightening for the public service unveiled by the federal...

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Wong unveils more cuts

Finance Minister Penny Wong.

Markus Mannheim The federal bureaucracy is set to tighten its belt even further as a result of extra spending cuts outlined this morning.

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Humble cardigan given a hug

US First Lady Michelle Obama

Markus Mannheim Could Michelle Obama save bureaucrats from the national sport of public service-bashing?

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Officials to turn a new leaf as paper-pushing bill hits $220m

Director General of the National Archives David Fricker

Markus Mannheim THE days of paper-pushing bureaucrats may be coming to an end because the government can no longer afford to put it off.

Govt wages war on paper

Pile of paperwork against a textured green cubicle wall

Markus Mannheim The pipedream of the paperless office will be within reach in three years – because taxpayers can no longer afford to put it off.

Bureaucrats' pay rises stagnate

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Markus Mannheim Federal public servants' pay rose at a much slower rate than other workers' salaries last year, ending a decade of comparatively rapid growth.