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Michael Inman is a courts reporter for The Canberra Times

English soldier called a 'pommy bastard' by Australian army superiors wins pension

Michael Inman An English soldier who served with the Australian Army in Timor and was subjected to harassment has won a disability pension in an appeal hearing.

Calvary hospitals rip up agreement with private health insurers

Health workers don protective clothing in Liberia.

Natasha Boddy and Michael Inman Some private hospital patients may be hit with higher out-of-pocket expenses within two weeks after the operator of two ACT private hospitals terminated its contract with 25 private health insurers.

Peter Slipper's appeal could be abandoned

Peter Slipper's appeal may be abandoned.

Michael Inman Former parliamentary speaker Peter Slipper could abandon his appeal against conviction.

References to 'black babies' and 'Coon cheese' offensive, but not a breach of Racial Discrimination Act: judge


Michael Inman An Aboriginal public servant experienced co-workers making references to “black babies” and “Coon cheese” at a staff afternoon tea.

Former South Vietnam soldier wins right to apply for Australian service pension

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Michael Inman A South Vietnam soldier is eligible to apply for Australian service pension after a tribunal found he had been ambushed by the Viet Cong in 1973.

Court case reveals high-stakes, cut-throat market for training spies

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Markus Mannheim and Michael Inman A former Canberra businessman who stole information from his employer and used it to sell training courses to a spy agency has been ordered to make a massive payout.

Jurors told to put personal views aside as accused people smuggler's trial begins


Michael Inman Jurors have been told to put aside their personal views on boat people for the trial of an accused Indonesia people smuggler.

ASIO methods used to assess threat of would-be police officer criticised


Markus Mannheim, Michael Inman Australian spies illegally coerced a man into speaking with them and failed to inform him of his rights, a tribunal says.

ASIO 'unlawfully' coerced man into interview

Justice Duncan Kerr has chastised ASIO and the Immigration department for their treatment of a Muslim immigrant deemed a security risk.

Markus Mannheim and Michael Inman Australian spies illegally coerced a man into speaking with them and failed to inform him of his rights, a tribunal says.

Bureaucrat's compensation denied as work counselling declared reasonable

Michael Inman A Canberra bureaucrat bullied through compulsory private counselling sessions with her supervisor has lost her fight for workers' compensation.

Damages payout for 'misuse' of top-secret security clearance

Our internet habits are being scrutinised if not by spyware that secretly monitors every keystroke we make then by employers who want to check staff aren't bludging.
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Markus Mannheim, Michael Inman A dispute between two companies that train public servants has revealed the lucrative market value of top-secret security clearances.

Tweeting public servant loses last bid to save job

Michaela Banerji was sacked late last year from her job at the Immigration Department after she criticised the department via an anonymous Twitter account.
The Canberra Times
09 August 2013
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Michael Inman A public servant who was sacked for criticising the government on Twitter has lost a last gasp bid to keep her job.

'Hilton bomb' sect in legal battle over $20m empire

Michael Inman and Nino Bucci A religious sect which was linked to an unsolved Sydney terrorist attack is fighting a court battle for control of its $20 million Australian empire.

Abbott's chief of staff pleads guilty to drink driving

Peta Credlin, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott's Chief of Staff during Question Time at Parliament House in Canberra on Thursday 11 October 2012. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Michael Inman Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s chief of staff has entered a plea of guilty to drink driving.

Secret hearing on Godwin Grech payout claim

Former Treasury official Godwin Grech.

Michael Inman A tribunal has held a secret hearing to decide if Godwin Grech's settlement details should be made public.

Sailor with scar from lump removal wins right to plastic surgery review

Michael Inman A former sailor with a deformed surgical scar has won the right to have his request for plastic surgery considered again.

Deported people smuggler promises to warn others against trade


Michael Inman An Indonesian rice farmer has pledged to tell his countrymen of the perils of people smuggling.

Indian couple win right to stay

Michael Inman Court Reporter An Indian couple who applied for refugee status on the grounds they are from different castes and could be killed if they were deported have won the right to stay in Australia.

Court dismisses racial discrimination case against de Castella

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Michael Inman A coach who claimed he was sacked from a volunteer position because he was white has had his claim of racial discrimination against Robert de Castella dismissed.

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Senior public servant accused of 'act of foreign interference'

Scales of Justice outside the District Court in Brisbane.

Michael Inman Australia's domestic spy agency has lost a legal battle to censor the details of alleged foreign espionage activities by a friendly nation.