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Michael Inman is a courts reporter for The Canberra Times

Security clearance revoked after names of Chinese officials mistranslated


Michael Inman A public servant who had her security clearance revoked after the authorities mistranslated Chinese names has lost a bid to recover her legal costs.

Case of Indonesian teen jailed for people smuggling referred to WA courts

Ali Yasmin, who was jailed for people smuggling in an Australian prison when he was 14.

Michael Inman Attorney-General George Brandis relents and refers case of an Indonesian teen wrongfully jailed as an adult for people smuggling back to WA court.

National police union concerned president will be installed by stealth

Former Australian Federal Police Association president Jon Hunt-Sharman served his final day on Friday.

Henry Belot and Michael Inman Police union members are concerned by bid to install a new president in the midst of a federal court investigation.

Defence bureaucrat pleads guilty to uploading secret document online

A Canberra rugby player who broke a rivals nose and jaw has been handed a suspended jail sentence.

Michael Inman Former junior Defence bureaucrat admitted to causing embarrassing security breach with "Five Eyes" intelligence document.

ASIO to bolster ranks with university graduates amid new sweeping powers

The new ASIO building in Campbell could be home to more spies.

Henry Belot and Michael Inman Australia's spy master has launched an aggressive recruitment policy aimed at university graduates.

Anti-Islam activist sues Facebook for $1m over 'quashing free speech'


Bianca Hall, Michael Inman An anti-Islam activist is seeking more than $1 million in damages from Facebook, claiming it breached his freedom of political speech by cutting him out of the group he administers on Facebook.

Defence fined $220,000 for training death of commando and wounding of comrade

Australian soldier Lance Corporal Mason Edwards who was killed  in a training accident at Cultana, South Australia.

Michael Inman Defence has been fined $220,000 over the death of an Australian commando during a live fire exercise gone wrong.

Wikileaks says case of Canberra Defence leaker is 'cautionary tale' for whistleblowers

Michael Inman WikiLeaks says whistleblowers need expert help when leaking government secrets.

Dog on death row: Izzy granted a reprieve by the High Court

Owner Tania Isbester has been fighting to save Izzy from being put down since the dog was seized in June 2013.

Michael Inman A dog on death row has been granted a reprieve by the High Court. But Izzy could still be put down.

Former public servant's fight for compensation 'beginning to border on the vexatious': judge

Michael Inman A Canberra public servant's marathon fight for compensation has been without substance and is beginning to border on vexatious, a judge has said.

High Court told dog on death row did not receive fair hearing

Tania Isbester has taken her fight to save her dog Izzy to the High Court of Australia in Canberra.

Michael Inman A Staffordshire terrier called Izzy is hoping for a reprieve after being condemned to death for biting a woman's finger.

English soldier called a 'pommy bastard' by Australian army superiors wins pension

Michael Inman An English soldier who served with the Australian Army in Timor and was subjected to harassment has won a disability pension in an appeal hearing.

Calvary hospitals rip up agreement with private health insurers

Health workers don protective clothing in Liberia.

Natasha Boddy and Michael Inman Some private hospital patients may be hit with higher out-of-pocket expenses within two weeks after the operator of two ACT private hospitals terminated its contract with 25 private health insurers.

Peter Slipper's appeal could be abandoned

Peter Slipper's appeal may be abandoned.

Michael Inman Former parliamentary speaker Peter Slipper could abandon his appeal against conviction.

References to 'black babies' and 'Coon cheese' offensive, but not a breach of Racial Discrimination Act: judge


Michael Inman An Aboriginal public servant experienced co-workers making references to “black babies” and “Coon cheese” at a staff afternoon tea.

Former South Vietnam soldier wins right to apply for Australian service pension

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Michael Inman A South Vietnam soldier is eligible to apply for Australian service pension after a tribunal found he had been ambushed by the Viet Cong in 1973.

Court case reveals high-stakes, cut-throat market for training spies

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Markus Mannheim and Michael Inman A former Canberra businessman who stole information from his employer and used it to sell training courses to a spy agency has been ordered to make a massive payout.

Jurors told to put personal views aside as accused people smuggler's trial begins


Michael Inman Jurors have been told to put aside their personal views on boat people for the trial of an accused Indonesia people smuggler.

ASIO methods used to assess threat of would-be police officer criticised


Markus Mannheim, Michael Inman Australian spies illegally coerced a man into speaking with them and failed to inform him of his rights, a tribunal says.

ASIO 'unlawfully' coerced man into interview

Justice Duncan Kerr has chastised ASIO and the Immigration department for their treatment of a Muslim immigrant deemed a security risk.

Markus Mannheim and Michael Inman Australian spies illegally coerced a man into speaking with them and failed to inform him of his rights, a tribunal says.