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Noel Towell is a reporter for The Canberra Times.

ATO public servants enticed with scratch cards to show up to work

Generic Christmas tree

Noel Towell Scheme discriminates against public servants who don't show up, says union.

Public sector redundancy bill sails past $1 billion

Senator Mathias Corman denies he made any promise other than to do some thinking.

Noel Towell The redundancy bill for departing public servants and other government workers will be more than $1.1 billion in just three years, the latest government data shows.

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Employment Department's wage offer 'trounced'


Noel Towell The Abbott government's public service wage policy has been rejected in a landslide by bureaucrats working in Public Service Minister Eric Abetz's department.

Centrelink's slap on the wrist for shocking privacy breach

Generic files

Noel Towell A Centrelink manager who left dozens of client files on public transport earlier this year has been let off with a small fine.

Comcare warns public servants about drugs and drink at Christmas parties

Comcare has advised public servants that being drunk or high on non-prescription drugs at a work function will void compensation claims unless they are for death or serious injury.

Noel Towell Water pistols deemed too dangerous for public service Christmas parties.

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Human Services public servants begin industrial campaign over pay offer

Go slow: DHS workers to  take action.

Noel Towell 15,000 DHS public servants plan to make Thursday a tough day at the office for departmental bosses.

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Public service's secret Christmas files

Will you overdo it at the office Christmas party?

Noel Towell Public service departments are compiling confidential "risk profile" files on the likely activities of their workers at office Christmas parties.

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Why loyalty in the public service doesn't pay

Public service workers

Noel Towell Loyalty to your Australian Public Service department will not make you happy, a Flinders University study shows.

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Defeat predicted for government in Employment Dept

Public service minister Eric Abetz.

Noel Towell Employment Department tipped to reject govt's pay offer in a landslide.

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'Isolated, insular, inflexible': ABS told it is too strict in public service review

Noel Towell The Australian Bureau of Statistics must "ease off on the independence" to safeguard its future.

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Veterans' Affairs' failures exposed in Australian Public Service Commission Capability Review

Veterans' Affairs Department secretary Simon Lewis: DVA is

Noel Towell Department needs "transformational change" as its problems impact on veterans, review finds.

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The federal Health Department: 80-hour weeks, bullying, command and control


Noel Towell Capability Review reveals "command-and-control" culture at Health, with middle managers fearing promotion.

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Public service managers afraid to tackle the sickies

Australian Public Service managers are failing to tackle the

Noel Towell APS managers urged to get busy on sickies.

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40,000 public servants in pay limbo as government delays negotiations until 2015

Defence headquarters in Canberra.

Noel Towell and Phillip Thomson No wage offer until 2015 from Defence, ATO.

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More federal shopfronts in Canberra to close

Noel Towell "One-stop shop" to leave more Commonwealth sites abandoned.

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14-year compensation battle for public servant injured putting up Christmas decorations


Noel Towell Public servant says office Christmas decorations mishap left her disabled.

Sacked public servants will suffer for years even if they find a new job

Looking for work.

Noel Towell Researchers find it takes years to recover and that's for the lucky ones.

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Public service pay rises over the past decade are 14% above inflation, says Abetz

Public Service Minister Eric Abetz.

Noel Towell Government says public service pay rises have outstripped inflation by 14 per cent over the past decade.

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Public servants fail to show up when they're waiting to depart


Noel Towell Leaked research reveals the truth on APS no-shows.

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DHS says more bosses will ease its woes


Noel Towell Human Services boss to increase numbers of mandarins in the already large department.