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Noel Towell is a reporter for The Canberra Times.

Australian Tax Office wrongly rebates $14 million

Noel Towell Thousands of taxpayers have been allowed to keep hundreds of dollars they over-claimed.

Australian Border Force calls in reinforcements

 Mike Pezzullo

Noel Towell Immigration boss moves to plug gaps left by high-level defections.

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'Project Archer': Govt's plan to save the ABS

The Australian Bureau of Statistics had a torrid 2014 that began with departing Chief Statistician Brian Pink saying there was barely enough money to keep the lights on.

Noel Towell Merger of ABS and AIHW a "done deal", insiders say.

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Sandwich solidarity at Department of Human Services fails to bite, say bosses

A sandwich

Noel Towell Public servants going for a sandwich leaves bosses unfazed.

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ACT dumps Comcare

Public Servants

Noel Towell Territory walks away from embattled scheme as premium bill approaches $100 million.

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Paid parking is bullshit, says Liberal Senator Bill Heffernan

Senator Bill Heffernan during an earlier Senate Estimates Hearing.

Noel Towell and Emma Kelly Paid parking will have a "horrific" impact on workers who work "bloody hard".

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Public servants 'overlooked': Defence secretary Dennis Richardson's opening salvo at Estimates

Defence secretary Dennis Richardson:

Phillip Thomson and Noel Towell Dennis Richardson predicts year of upheaval as DMO boss Warren King walks.

Infrastructure Department public servants offered pay rises of less than 1 per cent

MONEY 040219 AFR .PICTURE BY Gabriele Charotte /   GENERIC money, purse, savings, bank, atm, economy, interest rates, home loan, wages, salary, superannuation, bills, notes, pay, coins, investment, share market, sharemarket, stock exchange, trading, shares, funds  , fifty-dollar notes, wallet, $50-dollar bills, cash

Noel Towell More than 1200 public servants at the federal Department of Infrastructure have been asked to accept pay rises as low as less than 1 per cent each year in return for working three extra days.

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Department of Human Services' secret seven: lawyers battle over the details of an expensive child support dispute

Public service workers

Noel Towell The huge taxpayer-funded legal bill is expected to grow in the ongoing Department of Human Services dispute with a father over $6000 in child support.

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National Archives documents show public service battle against women in the workplace

Documents from the National Archives reveal the contempt for women held by the hierarchy of the public service in 1920.

Noel Towell Documents reveal the public service considered women 'physiologically unfitted to carry responsibility' early in the 20th century.

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ATO bosses plead for calm amid pay offer fury

Public servants at the Tax Office are now set to vote on industrial action in early April.

Noel Towell Senior managers at the Australian Taxation Office have pleaded with their public servants to cool it as anger over the agency's below-inflation pay offer threatens to boil over.

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DPS secretary Carol Mills counter-attacks in Senate Estimates hearing

Carol Mills.

Noel Towell Department of Parliamentary Services Secretary Carol Mills fights back against reports criticising her conduct.

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Australian Public Service performance management 'unfair, inconsistent, useless'

Public servants told a researcher studying performance management that the reward for good work was often more work.

Noel Towell Dud APS bureaucrats are let off the hook by soft benchmarking, colleagues say.

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Abbott orders APS: get it done

public service generic

Noel Towell Prime Minister slaps strict deadline on the latest Australian Public Service reshuffle.

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Union blasts Department of Human Services offer of 1.4% a year

Go slow: DHS workers to  take action.

Noel Towell Union says giant department's offer is a pay cut with strings attached.

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APS promotions drying up as careers slowdown hits

A careers slowdown is hitting the public service, with workers facing lengthy waits for promotion.

Noel Towell Don't take it personally: promotions are drying up in Australian Public Service.

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Young people are heavily underrepresented in the public service, latest figures show

public service generic

Noel Towell The 55-plus age group is doing well in public service employment, and workforce experts are worried that the traditional APS role of training young people is going by the board.

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Foreign multinationals circle Medicare

There is big foreign interest in taking over Medicare payments.

Noel Towell International outsourcing giants jostling for $29 billion payment contract

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Australian Taxation Office wants workers with 'the right stuff'

The Australian Taxation Office wants its workers to have 'the right stuff'.

Noel Towell Australia’s 21,000 tax officials have been told they must have the right stuff if they want to keep working at the ATO.

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