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Noel Towell is a reporter for The Canberra Times.

Public service compo culture in government's sights

Noel Towell The Abbott government is planning a fresh assault on its public service's compo culture with more sweeping reforms planned for the Commonwealth workers' compensation schemes.

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Millions of welfare, Medicare files handed to US data giant Iron Mountain

Warehouses hold decades worth of Medicare and Centrelink files.

Noel Towell The Department of Human Services says the role of US-based multinational Iron Mountain in managing records will grow as each storage unit closes.

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Give 'displaced' public servants a fair go, warns Stephen Sedgwick


Noel Towell Consequences threatened for public service bosses who discriminate.

$580 million in public sector payouts last year

Treasurer Joe Hockey said the blow-out in redundancies was the result of the previous Labor government forcing job losses on the public service without putting money aside to pay for redundancy packages.

Noel Towell and Lisa Cox Bill for golden handshakes hits an all-time high.

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Christmas Islanders trapped in bureaucratic nightmare with Ombudsman


Noel Towell Public servants ignored islanders' complaints of being ignored by public servants.

Abbott's team flying high on indigenous wings, says Minister

Senator Nigel Scullion during Senate Question Time.

Noel Towell Public servants at the Prime Minister's department "delighted", says minister.

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Porn and pirates offline for Canberra's new public Wi-Fi network

Noel Towell We don't want the porn-watching or file sharing on our network, ACT government warns.

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Tax office retreats in the battle of the public service noticeboard


Noel Towell Censorship alleged as "dud" spat spreads to tax office noticeboards.

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Government has 'contempt' for Christmas Islanders: Stanhope

Jon Stanhope - the outgoing administrator of Christmas Island. He was Chief minister of the ACT
on Dolly Beach, covered with plastic rubbish washed up on the shore.
Pic:Tony McDonoough

Noel Towell "You don't deserve to be treated like this," administrator tells Indian Ocean Territories.

Revenue drive puts Parliament House staff in user pays parking hotspot

Crowded parks in the Parliamentary Triangle.

Noel Towell The Department of Parliamentary Services is gearing up to introduce car park charges as Parliament House staff mull over their transport options.

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Canberra Costco to open petrol station


Fleta Page and Noel Towell Canberra petrol could soon get considerably cheaper with Costco to open a petrol station next to its Majura Park store.

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Public service superannuation guarantee a matter of trust: experts

Professor Lewis said the choice for public servants of who to believe came down to who they trusted with their super.

Noel Towell Government and union claims should be treated with scepticism, academics say.

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Public servant's soy milk sojourn

A Canberra public servant told her boss she needed longer breaks to find a café that served organic coffee with soy milk.

Noel Towell Unauthorised absences blamed on dietary requirements.

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From business as usual to Parliament House security alert in just one night

AFP patrol.

Noel Towell In just one night, the security threat level at the national Parliament went from business as usual to red alert.

Public service bosses told to open up on complaints

Noel Towell Public service bosses have been told they are too secretive when investigating complaints.

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Defence, Customs ready to bargain as public service union mulls strike

Noel Towell Industrial action on the agenda as public service union leaders gather in Melbourne

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Public Service Commissioner Stephen Sedgwick denies freeze on hiring

Stephen Sedgwick.

Noel Towell But recruitment "arrangements" are beginning to bite, says Sedgwick.

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Union fears job losses as Telstra takes over Medicare, Centrelink call centres

Telstra will

Noel Towell Telstra will start taking over Centrelink and Medicare call centre services from the federal government in six weeks as the CPSU warns of job cuts.

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Public servant had psychiatric breakdown after mentor's comments

Working in the public service could result in harsh words from those around you.

Noel Towell Environment Department mentoring left bureaucrat with severe depression.

Jakarta Embassy death: Australia cleared of liability for compensation

Noel Towell and Michael Bachelard Security guard crushed by motorised security gate not Commonwealth's responsibility.