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Noel Towell is a reporter for The Canberra Times.

Canberra public servants go to war (on the squash court)

Noel Towell Organisers say professional bureaucratic niceties will not apply on the squash court.

Mental health still a problem in public service, but improving

Older people are working the longest hours.

Noel Towell Compensation claims for psychological injuries down, but bosses don't know why.

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Australian Public Service still losing the war against sickies

The State goverment plans to cut 4200 public service jobs.

Noel Towell and Phillip Thomson Largest government department now reporting more 16 days off work in "unscheduled absence" for each public servant.

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Immigration, Customs plan cull of bosses for merged entity

Thinning the ranks: Senior management jobs in the Customs Service and the Immigration Department are are to be cut.

Noel Towell Senior executives to be shown the door after a "Transition Process".

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Government denies asking Diggers to take pay cut

PAY ROW: While the armed forces work, their pay rates are being decided.

Noel Towell The controversy over the pay and conditions of Australia's 57,000 sailors, soldiers and Air Force personnel that has been raging for two weeks, continues.

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Telstra's Centrelink telephone deal on hold for Department of Human Services


Noel Towell DHS agrees to talk about alternatives to privatisation of call centres.

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Politicians' pay rises outstrip soldiers' by 140 per cent


Noel Towell Government can afford a better pay rise for the military, says think-tank.

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Australian Taxation Office orders new building, despite 6200 empty desks

The ATO is going through with plans for a new multi-million dollar office building in Gosford.

Noel Towell ATO spending money it doesn't have on offices it doesn't need, says Labor.

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Public servant taxpayer-funded physio after more than 630 treatments


Noel Towell A workplace insurer has pulled the pin after a man received 630 treatments for back pain at a cost to the taxpayer of $65,000.

Shared services back in fashion in the federal bureaucracy

Clients: The Shared Services Centre is doing work for at least 13 departments and agencies.

Noel Towell Departments all over Canberra are offloading backroom functions.

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Centrelink customer aggression 'caused my nervous breakdown'


Noel Towell Customer service officer spent her working days in fight-or-flight mode, tribunal told.

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Public servant's boss asked her to send him topless photos


Noel Towell APS code of conduct must be observed in interactions between consenting public servants.

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Public servants demand Ebola isolation units be set up in Canberra


Noel Towell Luxury lakeside apartments could be used to isolate returning officials.

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Public service workers' compensation reforms are 'harsh and unjust', say Labor

Opposition employment spokesman Brendan O'Connor.

Noel Towell The Opposition says 'mean' changes would leave hundreds of thousands of workers with less cover.

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Prime Minister and Cabinet pay talks off: it's all too hard

The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

Noel Towell The public service department is struggling to devise a wages deal tough enough for the Abbott government.

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Labor tries to intervene as Diggers' pay row heats up

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten wants the government to reconsider the Defence Force pay offer.

Noel Towell Shorten sends a plea to the military wages tribunal to reject government's controversial ADF pay offer.

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Australian Defence Force's pay system 'crazy', says Australia Defence Association


Noel Towell Pay offer produces an 'unhappy and unfairly treated' military workforce, says ADA.

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Diggers vent fury at 'outrageous' pay offer

Defence personnel say the government's  pay offer is

Noel Towell Australian Defence Force's pay offer is “an outrage”, “a disgrace” and “a joke”, say service men and women.

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Up to 15,000 staff to vote on Department of Human Services strike over pay

BALLOT: Public Service Minister Eric Abetz has urged DHS staff to vote

Noel Towell The Fair Work Commission has given the go-ahead for a massive ballot of DHS staff over a pay dispute.

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He who must not be named at the ATO... It's Eric Abetz


Noel Towell ATO employees threatened with official punishment if they mention the name of a certain senator.

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