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Noel Towell is a reporter for The Canberra Times.

Leaked: Defence pay rise offer two per cent below inflation


Noel Towell The Defence Department looks set to offer its 20,000 public servants pay rises of just 0.9 per cent - more than two per cent below inflation.

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DHS's wage ballot is huge for everyone in the APS


Noel Towell If DHS bosses pull off an audacious industrial smash-and-grab by winning the snap poll of their 30,000 workers, it will be a stunning victory for the Coalition's public sector industrial relations...

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DHS bypasses union with snap wages poll

Senator Doug Cameron has accused the government of “threats” and “aggressive” industrial tactics in pursuit of its cost-cutting agenda.

Noel Towell Federal opposition accuses government of “aggressive” tactics against Commonwealth’s biggest department.

DHS workers offered 1.15 per cent pay rise at most


Noel Towell The federal government has offered tens of thousands of public servants at its biggest department a pay deal that is nearly 2 per cent below inflation.

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Don't go, Carol: Five reasons to turn down a job in London

Carol Mills.

Noel Towell Don't go Carol: five reasons why Parliamentary Service's boss Carol Mills should refuse the job as Clerk of the House of Commons and stay in with us in Canberra

Department of Parliamentary Services secretary Carol Mills in line for job as Britain’s House of Commons Clerk

Department of Parliamentary Services secretary Carol Mills

Noel Towell A senior Canberra public servant is the frontrunner for the prestigious job of Britain's House of Commons Clerk.

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Department of Human Services wants to rip $250 million from its staff bill, union claims


Noel Towell Public servants at the federal government’s largest department are being asked to “consider” giving up $250 million in extra work, scheduled pay rises and annual leave.

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Fighting the Tax Office? It pays to be rich

Audit disputes: Sydney's Gary Kurzer is suing the Tax Office for nearly $6 million.

Noel Towell Some of Australia’s “high wealth individuals” have found it pays to take on the tax man, according the nation’s Auditor-General.

Anti-gay and anti-Islam activists team up

Bernard Gaynor is contesting his dismissal by the army.

Noel Towell One of Australia's highest-profile anti-gay activists has recruited one of the nation's busiest anti-Islam campaigners to help him get his job back as an Army Reserve officer.

ATO says it won't design its systems around cheats

ATO responds to insiders on its ability to catch tax dodgers.

Noel Towell The Australian Taxation Office says it will design its internal systems for the majority of honest taxpayers, not the minority of cheats.

Union outrage as Human Services prepares 'shocker' squeeze on work conditions

The Department of Human Services is facing a battle for unpaid work.

Noel Towell The federal government's biggest department is accused of trying to squeeze an extra $100m of work each year from its public servants - for free.

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Public servant flees town after chainsaw attack

The scene at Flax House after the incident took place.

Noel Towell A terrified Department of Human Services public servant has left Canberra in the wake of last year’s chainsaw attack at the department’s Tuggeranong offices.

Military scientists and engineers appeal to Tony Abbott to stop the spending cuts

Prime Minister Tony Abbott in a replica of a F-35A Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter. The jobs cull is expected to cut the DSTO's technical team for the plane from six scientists to two.

Noel Towell Military scientists and engineers have appealed directly to Prime Minister Tony Abbott to stop the spending cuts.

Community and Public Sector Union wants talks with Employment Minister Eric Abetz

Noel Towell and Phil Thomson The nation's biggest public service union is trying to force Employment Minister Eric Abetz and other powerful federal government figures to the negotiating table.

ATO appalling in its treatment of public servant, says Fair Work Australia


Noel Towell The ATO was 'appalling' in its treatment of one of its public servants, according to Fair Work Australia.

CPSU wants a word with Senator Abetz about bargaining process

Senator Eric Abetz.

Noel Towell and Phillip Thomson Public Service minister Eric Abetz is crying "crocodile tears" over job losses in the federal bureaucracy, the main public sector union says.

Up to 400 jobs to go at Prime Minister and Cabinet Department

The head of the Prime Minister's Department, Ian Watt (right).

Noel Towell and Phillip Thomson Up to 400 jobs to be made redundant at the elite Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Public service fears more job cuts from Commission of Audit

Mathias Cormann

Noel Towell Plans by the Abbott government's Commission of Audit to cut tens of thousands more federal public service jobs remain on the table following Tuesday’s budget cuts.

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ATO bosses warn forced redundancies may be used

ATO: Forced redundancies may be enforced.

Noel Towell Forced redundancies will be used, if needed, to cut the jobs of thousands of public servants Australian Taxation Office, bosses have warned.

PM&C secretary denies department shuts up shop at 4pm

Ian Watt, right, has described reports of a 4pm deadline in his department as offensive.

Noel Towell The Prime Minister’s public service department won't call it a day until long after 4pm, the nation’s top bureaucrat has declared.