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Scandals spark call for a code of conduct

Peter Jean Federal politicians have been urged to subject themselves to a code of conduct that sets a new international benchmark for self-regulation by a Parliament.

Flu vaccine could save thousands of hospital visits

Peter Jean More than 17,000 hospital admissions might have been avoided last year if the patients had been vaccinated, according to figures issued by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

Auditors comb hospital data

Press conference with Katy Gallagher -  ACT Chief Minister and Minister for Health.

Peter Jean, John Thistleton Forensic auditors are investigating the tampering of Canberra Hospital performance data which had the potential to see the ACT incorrectly allocated at least part of $3.

Heat on PM as Speaker stands aside

Speaker of the House Peter Slipper during Question Time at Parliament House Canberra on Thursday 16 February 2012.
Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Peter Jean The Gillard government's support on the floor of the House of Representatives has been further eroded by Speaker Peter Slipper's announcement he will stand aside while police decide whether to...

Aged-care reforms to weed out rorters

Meals on Wheels recipient, 92 year old Beatrice Holderhead of Warramanga, with her 70 year old daughter, Robyn Horne of Rivett.

Chris Johnson, Peter Jean Cracking down on aged-care providers who over-claim on their services will end the rorting of the current funding system and allow the federal government to claw back $1.6 billion over five years.

Gillard to drive aged-care overhaul

Ross Peake, Peter Jean The federal government will today propose means-testing for aged care, in long-awaited changes that will force affluent older people to pay more for their care.

Teen drug leads to depression: study

Peter Jean Teenagers who take speed or ecstasy appear to have an increased risk of developing depression, regardless of whether or not they have previously suffered from depressive symptoms.

Tsunami alert action praised

International Head of Red Cross Bekele Geleta spoke at a conference in Canberra today.

Peter Jean As the news flashed around the world of a massive earthquake in the Indian Ocean, Bekele Geleta's first emotion was fear.

Greens push for alcohol warnings

Peter Jean The federal government should disassociate itself from international objections to a Thai plan to introduce mandatory health warning labels on alcohol bottles, the Greens say.

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Alcohol warnings push to save babies

Peter Jean Foster parents and public health groups have urged federal politicians to take urgent action to prevent more babies from suffering Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

ACT PS set to keep on growing

Peter Jean As the federal bureaucracy plans to shed jobs, the ACT bureaucracy is taking on more staff, adding 674 full-time equivalent positions in 2010-11.

Same-sex marriage bill reveals differences

Kristina Keneally.

Peter Jean Differences within Christian communities over gay marriage are being brought to the surface by a Senate inquiry into a Greens bill to permit same-sex marriages.

PM refuses to rule out safety net cuts

Peter Jean Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott have clashed over the Medicare safety net after the Prime Minister refused to rule out making more cuts to the scheme that was introduced by the Opposition Leader when...

Chronic disease fears for Australia

couple, overweight, working together to lose weight.

Peter Jean An overwhelming majority of Australians have at least two preventable factors increasing their risk of developing chronic conditions such as kidney disease, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and...

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Abbott warns of a double dissolution over carbon tax

Peter Jean Australians will head quickly back to the polls if the Coalition wins the next federal election but fails to persuade the Senate to repeal the carbon tax, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott warned...

Same-sex marriage arguments released

Peter Jean Altering the definition of marriage to allow same-sex couples to wed would be the equivalent of defining sheep stations as lighthouses, a Senate committee has been told.

Bob's booming voice could be election winner

Bob Carr in the Upper House of NSW Parliament.

Peter Jean and Judith Ireland A deep voice may be one of Bob Carr's best weapons in his new role as Senator and Foreign Minister.

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Mixed views on flu response as lurgy season returns

Peter Jean Nobody likes working next to somebody with a contagious illness, but most of us have turned up to work when sick with flu-like symptoms.

Treatment turf war erupts over dental care

Peter Jean Debates over whether tasks once monopolised by doctors should be performed by specialist nurses may take decades to resolve.

No impact from safe alcohol use campaign

Peter Jean A major overhaul of guidelines for the safe consumption of alcohol seems to have had no impact on Australians.

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