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Phillip Thomson is a Public Service Reporter at The Canberra Times.

Heather Smith's Senate Estimates surprise: Senators frustrated over lack of answers

Phillip Thomson Frustrated senators quiz new department secretary on lateness of responses to questions on notice.

Public Service Commissioner 'ducks responsibility' over welfare of Jamie Briggs staffer: Labor

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull walks past Jamie Briggs at the end of question time.

Phillip Thomson Penny Wong grills John Lloyd over his concern for welfare of public servant in Jamie Briggs saga.

Department of the Senate dealing with too many inquiries

Phillip Thomson Wasting public servants' time? Hunt is on for politicians who call for inquiries and don't show up.

Defence Department staff fill unwanted jobs to secure redundancy payouts

Phillip Thomson Six-figure sums for those quickly moving into vacant jobs about to be abolished.

CSIRO job cuts expected to cause a brain drain from Canberra


Phillip Thomson 'People are still in a state of shock' as Canberra staff enter fourth year of unrest.

Public service needs 'Hollywood model' of work, says former PM&C secretary Peter Shergold

Introduce the Hollywood system, says former PM&C boss Peter Shergold.

Phillip Thomson Former PM&C boss says hiring public servants should follow the mantra - 'Bring them in, let them work, let them go'.

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Defence Department enterprise agreement nears vote for 20,000 public servants

Department secretary Dennis Richardson, who is overseeing negotiations with 20,000 civilian staff.

Phillip Thomson Unions slam offer that Defence Department staff will vote on in the coming weeks.

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The National Film and Sound Archive turns around its fortunes

Phillip Thomson A bleak report had slammed the agency, but it is tackling the predicted deficits.

ACT Health bogged down by outdated faxes

ACT Health is working with the DTO to reduce burdensome scheduling procedure.

Phillip Thomson Archaic technology wasting time for Canberrans is in the target of new federal agency.

Crazy passengers on Aussie flights driven by alcohol

Airport generic.

Phillip Thomson Threats, sex and people urinating everywhere. Police documents detail the nation's worst airline passengers.

Public servants warned about voicing opinions on government policy

Public Service Commissioner John Lloyd: His office says impartiality is a core value of the Australian Public Service.

Phillip Thomson Not even the top public service agency can give hard and fast rules on bureaucrats airing opinions publicly.

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Jamie Briggs resignation: Outrage over public servant's privacy breach

The former Minister of Cities Jamie Briggs reportedly shared the picture before and after the woman had complained about her personal space being invaded.

Phillip Thomson Union angry at "gross breach of privacy" after image of public servant who complained about Jamie Briggs published.

Public service: Oh, what a year

Noel Towell and Phillip Thomson After about as wild a year as you could hope for in the Australian Public Service, let us reflect on a few highlights.

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Australian public service allowances attacked: Institute of Public Affairs report

Phillip Thomson Extra paid leave, allowances and flex time under attack.

Parliament House parking lottery: Five times as many pass holders as car spaces

Bracket creep will slash up to $4500 from high income workers' pay packets, says a new report

Phillip Thomson Just how hard is it to get a park at Parliament House? Very.

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Australian Taxation Office tries to get its extra nine minutes a day offer over the line

The ATO might increase working hours for staff.

Phillip Thomson Agency may soon lose best working hours in Australian public service.

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IP Australia votes down enterprise agreement

Michaelia Cash, the prime minister's lead voice on the public service.

Phillip Thomson IP Australia offer bites the dust (again), as Agriculture opens up agreement to ballot.

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Public Service Commissioner John Loyd brings in reforms to reduce burden of employing non-ongoing staff

Public Service Commissioner John Lloyd.

Phillip Thomson Reforms will boost non-ongoing workforce and strip final approval for senior executive payouts.

Michaelia Cash, John Lloyd and Dean Smith say CPSU has low industrial action participation

Minister Michaelia Cash.

Phillip Thomson Figures reveal stop work participation at each agency. And it's low, prompting accusations of union exaggeration.

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Prime Minister and Cabinet secretary Michael Thawley's message to public service

Outgoing secretary of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Michael Thawley.

Phillip Thomson Departing secretary outlines threats to public service-government relationship and to Australia.

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