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Phillip Thomson is a Public Service Reporter at The Canberra Times.

Forestry industry should put more money in to keep scientists

Phillip Thomson A former chief research scientist at CSIRO says the forestry industry should put its money where its mouth is to save public service jobs.

Department of Immigration and Border Protection wants to cut 'remote allowance' and leave, but increase time at work: CPSU

Immigration and Border Protection, Canberra

Phillip Thomson The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) wants to make staff work another 30 minutes a week.

The Mandarin Code: thriller rips mask from impassive, obsequious public servants

The Mandarin Code, from journalists Steve Lewis and Chris Uhlmann, is a fictional romp soaked in Canberra locales. It is  released this week.

Phillip Thomson The plotting of heavyweight Canberra bureaucrats and lashings of sex - the latest book from journalists Steve Lewis and Chris Uhlmann.

NCA gets the power to fine parking bandits

Parking inspectors.

Phillip Thomson The army of inspectors dishing out parking fines in Canberra just got bigger.

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Parliamentary triangle maintenance staff retrenched as National Capital Authority outsources jobs

The specialists cared for public artworks such as the Captain Cook Memorial Globe.

Phillip Thomson Three specialist staff who help maintain Canberra's national memorials, fountains and artworks will be retrenched and their work outsourced.

CPSU thwarts stopwatch bid


Phillip Thomson Union says managers were about to stand over shoulders of 200 staff – literally.

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CSIRO cuts threaten Abbott's direct action policy

Phillip Thomson Government budget cuts continue to wreak havoc at Australia’s premier science organisation.

'Something for Eric to contemplate': Brendan O'Connor sizes up Senator Abetz

Brendan O'Connor believes the Coalition would cut the public service too deep and be forced to increase numbers again in the future.

Phillip Thomson Labor's point man on the public service, Brendan O'Connor, says the federal government would reap a nasty harvest if public servants were poorly treated during bargaining negotiations.

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US news anchor hits out at CSIRO cuts

John Vause

Phillip Thomson CNN presenter asks whether we should now hug scientists, instead of trees.

ATO shows no mercy on redundancy timeline

Tax office.

Phillip Thomson The ATO wants to cut quickly to minimise anxiety.

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Andrew Wilkie comments 'puerile, self-serving': Jeremy Hanson

Andrew Wilkie and Jeremy Hanson

Phillip Thomson "I will not stand by while you advocate stripping Canberra for parts,'' Canberra Liberals leader Jeremy Hanson says.

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Wilkie says Canberra should no longer be public service capital

Former long-serving federal bureaucrat Andrew Wilkie has argued for the Commonwealth public sector to be completely decentralised.

Phillip Thomson Tasmanian MP and former long-serving federal bureaucrat Andrew Wilkie launches an assault on capital's 60-year history as home of the bureaucracy.

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Bureaucrats who hurt themselves on a coffee run no longer covered by Comcare

Public servants injured on coffee breaks should not seek compensation.

Phillip Thomson Changes to Comcare are expected to increase premiums for Commonwealth departments - and taxpayers.

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CSIRO's 'regressive' agenda: bargaining to start at science organisation

Phillip Thomson CSIRO staff will have less than a month to bargain over their new agreement before their old accord expires.

CSIRO seen as 'employer of last resort' for scientists

Closing key regional sites across the country is shifting the CSIRO back to the 1950s.

Phillip Thomson Respected scientist's fears for national icon.

Moving bureaucrats north is 'pork barrelling', says opposition


Phillip Thomson Moving bureaucrats to tropical Queensland and elsewhere would leave departments ''struggling to find staff''.

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Push to relocate Canberra public servants to northern Australia

The City of Townsville has suggested limiting public service jobs offered in Canberra.

Phillip Thomson Pack the sunscreen, the big push is on to move Canberra public servants to northern Australia.

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$3000 for a psychiatric session paid by Comcare


Phillip Thomson Comcare aims to get public servants back to work sooner to reduce burden on public purse.

What can ballroom dancers teach public servants?

Vaughan and Alison Liddicoat on the dance floor.

Phillip Thomson The axe moving through the federal bureaucracy is sure to chop away plenty of sharp minds but advice may be coming from the most unlikely places - the world of dance.

Public servant's lawn mowing compensation bid fails

Phillip Thomson Public servant seeking compensation said his two adult children living at home were too busy to mow the lawn.