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Phillip Thomson is a Public Service Reporter at The Canberra Times.

Create a new water resources regulator, says lecturer Andrew Blyth

Andrew Blyth is also the chairman of the Regional Development Australia committees in the ACT.

Phillip Thomson An academic has called for a new bureaucratic arm to oversee water and energy, in the interests of keeping prices down for consumers.

'Targeted': How a Canberra psychologist says he was forced out

David Kendall outlines how he says he was targeted.

Phillip Thomson David Kendall worked for the public service but an email brought it all undone as watchdog sends psychs for re-education.

Defence Department staff exposed to 'extreme' workplace health and safety risks at fuel stations

Phillip Thomson Internal documents reveal concerns for staff and Australians living close to Defence fuel stations.

Australian Taxation Office calls in BuzzFeed

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Phillip Thomson It writes stories such as '19 struggles only Game of Thrones fans understand'. Now it's helping a major agency in the Australian bureaucracy.

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Who is Canberra's typical public servant? How the Canberra bureaucrat is better off

Women are breaking the glass ceiling.

Phillip Thomson Why a Canberra public servant often makes $14,000 a year more and why the heat's about to get turned up.

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'Couch potatoes' in the Australian Defence Force

Phillip Thomson Four push ups? Australian Defence Force standards encouraging laziness and obesity, one ex-soldier says.

Peculiar public service job: Strange tasks come with National Museum of Australia jobs

Phillip Thomson From dealing with a dangerous monkey's fist to the disgorged contents of a lizard. These Canberra public servants have a unique gig.

Australian Taxation Office axes 4400 jobs in 19 months

Weakened: The ATO has cut 17.5 per cent of its workforce, claims the Community and Public Sector Union.

Phillip Thomson The ATO has cut thousands of staff in the past 19 months - many highly experienced in detecting tax avoidance.

What makes time at work work-time? ATO public servants told to dob in workmates

Australian Tax Office - laying down the law on dodgy time sheets to its staff.

Phillip Thomson Time sheet cheats on notice. Law laid down on bus rides and early knock offs to see tradies.

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Australian Defence Force calls in Weight Watchers


Phillip Thomson Out-of-shape and in uniform - documents show what the ADF plans to do.

Half of ASIO's Canberra staff now in Ben Chifley Building

Filling up: The ASIO building on Parkes Way.

Phillip Thomson Staff movement to new digs as entry-level spies hit Canberra.

Public servant says she was allergic to her workplace at Australian Taxation Office

Phillip Thomson Woman says perfume, desks, computers made her too sick for work.

Warnings over the impact of sweeping Defence department job cuts

ACT Liberal senator Zed Seselja has questioned his party's decision to cut jobs in Defence.

Kirsten Lawson, Phillip Thomson and Georgina Connery Government backbencher says promise to boost Defence budget "will need significant public sector workforce".

'End the era of public servants as whipping boys' - no more cuts?


Phillip Thomson Counting public servants to save money is "perverse" but could taking review's advice kill great Aussie tradition of bagging Canberra bureaucrats.

Public service jobs to be cut after Defence first principles review

Phillip Thomson Government to crack down on "cradle to the grave" workforce at department.

Secret Canberra: security vetting costs millions as public service job freeze thaws

Department figures show in 2014 there were 350,000 people doing government-related work who had security clearances.

Phillip Thomson Secret Canberra: At up to $9000 or more a pop, with a total bill of $350m, the cost of maintaining vetting system is set to blow out.

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Euphemism sparks public service compo claim: How 'complaints' became 'enquiries' and started trouble

Look it up: Pouring over a French-English dictionary might increase your white brain cells.

Phillip Thomson When taxpayer "complaints" became "enquiries", the relationship between an employee and manager broke down.

Public servant's $66,649 stuff up: Compensation for "defective administration"


Phillip Thomson Public servants are under pressure because little mistakes can be costly but only after mandarins bestow grace, documents show.

Misbehaviour at Department of Agriculture: public servants breach code of conduct


Phillip Thomson One department has had employees who used drugs intended for animals, manipulated jury duty and swapped a biosecurity clearance for tickets.

Department of Immigration and Border Protection unit 'overpaid, overstaffed', says Migration Alliance

Migration agents say a section of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection regulating them is overpaid and overstaffed.

Phillip Thomson Complaints about lack of transparency and $5m used for 'featherbedding' public servants.