Ruth Pollard

Ruth Pollard

Middle East Correspondent Ruth Pollard has reported on the Arab Spring revolutions, the battle against the Islamic State, tensions in the West Bank, and Egypt's power struggle. Her job has taken her to Libya, Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, and Tunisia. Her feature writing won a Walkley Award for her coverage of the war in Gaza.

Wife gave Zygier 'distressing news' before he died

Ben Zygier.

Ruth Pollard Just hours before his suicide in an isolation cell in a high-security prison, dual Australian-Israeli citizen Ben Zygier received a visit from his wife who delivered some “distressing...

Islamic rewrite of Gallipoli legend

Turkish troops on parade at Gallipoli during World War I, circa 1915.

Ruth Pollard In the shifting sands of military history, few battles have been mythologised as absolutely as the Gallipoli campaign.

Failure to intervene: why Canberra turned its back on Prisoner X

David Wroe and Ruth Pollard A government inquiry has reignited concern over the Prisoner X affair.

Spies, lies and intrigue: life and death of Prisoner X

Ben Zygier

Ruth Pollard It is a dark underworld of kidnapping and forged passports, of straw companies and assassinations.

Two years later Israel admits death in prison

Avigdor Feldman.

Ruth Pollard After more than two years of silence, the Israeli government has admitted a prisoner it held in detention for 'security reasons' - believed to be the Australian Ben Zygier - committed suicide in...

Australian diplomat 'aware Zygier being held'


David Wroe and Ruth Pollard An Australian diplomat knew that Melbourne man Ben Zygier was being held in an Israeli prison before he died in his cell, the government has admitted, amid explosive reports that Mr Zygier was a...

Ben Zygier: ASIO suspect who died in Israeli jail

Ben Zygier.

Ruth Pollard When Ben Zygier died alone in a maximum-security prison in Israel he was under investigation by ASIO, which suspected him of using his Australian passport to spy for Israel, Fairfax Media can reveal.

Suicide prevention plan points to NZ success

Ruth Pollard There is no national strategy, scandalously low government investment and zero political leadership.