COAG's summit lifts gaze toward royal ascent

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The rules which govern who can be King or Queen will be on the list of topics discussed when Prime Minister Julia Gillard meets with premiers and chief ministers at a meeting of the Council of Australian Governments today.

At CHOGM in Perth last year, the heads of government of all the 16 Commonwealth realms agreed to take steps to end male preference primogeniture and the ban on the monarch's marriage to Roman Catholics, and to make other changes in the succession rules.

But in order for the changes to be implemented, all jurisdictions which have the Queen as their head of the state have to be consulted.

The federal government has already indicated its support for the changes.

Chief Minister Katy Gallagher said, ''I've just come from a meeting with all the state and territory leaders and I think everyone was pretty comfortable with the direction it was going in.''

The National Disability Insurance Scheme will be a key agenda item today.


Commonwealth and state leaders are expected to focus on getting launch sites in place for the scheme.

Ms Gallagher hoped the ACT would be a trial site for the scheme, saying the ACT government was negotiating the idea with the Commonwealth.

''Our budget is under stress so it's not as if I'll be going there saying we can pay everything,'' Ms Gallagher said.

''I'm going in good faith to talk to the Commonwealth about how we could make the NDIS work here in the ACT.

''We're prepared to fund a proportion of the launch.''

The Chief Minister will use the gathering of the nation's leaders to raise the issue of performance reporting in health.

She believes performance reporting in health should not just be based on time but also the quality of care provided.

''I'm going to … say that as part of the review of the performance measures in 2013 I think we should look at issues outside the time it took to get care, like what happened when people got care - was it good care or bad care?''