Court reviews killer's parole

The man who fired the shot that killed heart surgeon Victor Chang will remain in the Long Bay prison hospital after the NSW Attorney-General applied to the Supreme Court to review the decision to grant him parole.

Last week the State Parole Authority granted Chiew Seng Liew parole on the condition he immediately be deported to his native Malaysia.

Liew was sentenced to a maximum 26 years in prison with a non-parole period of 20 years for firing the two shots that killed Chang in a failed extortion attempt at Mosman on July 4, 1991. He has served 21 years of that sentence.

Liew had been eligible for release from jail between October 3 and 10.

The Chief Judge at Common Law, Peter McClellan, ordered a one-day hearing on October 9. Once Justice McClellan makes his decision, Liew will stay in jail for another 28 days to allow time for an appeal to be lodged by the losing side.