Dawkins v Pell in big debate

Well, this ought to be good Easter Monday viewing.

In the red corner, the learned Archbishop of Sydney, George Pell, and, in the blue corner, the learned evolutionary biologist and author Richard Dawkins.

ABC's Q&A will host a debate between the pair tonight and, no matter which side you are on, or if you have a foot in two camps but a tent in neither, it should be gripping, nervy stuff.

Fine and articulate an advocate for atheism that Dawkins is, he does have a weakness for getting a bit hot in the cheeks when his arguments find no traction.

Cardinal Pell believes in a God that he cannot prove exists but he is certain atheists have got it wrong. But then Dawkins, which is to say science, cannot prove God (or anything for that matter) does not exist: and he's certain that even Christ got it wrong.

It's an impasse, and a heated one. As New Scientist put it in this month's cover story, ''God - can't live with him, can't live without him''.