Education Minister not told about problems at Punchbowl Boys

Not told of problems: Education Minister Rob Stokes.

Education minister Rob Stokes did not know about any problems at Punchbowl Boys' School and his office had not received any complaints from teachers or parents before education department officials briefed him that they had sent an investigation team to the school.

Sage Institute staff sacked, colleges closed

Advertisement for Sage Institute of Fitness which featured Commando Steve.

A private college network heavily promoted by Steve "Commando" Willis that spent more than a third of its taxpayer funded budget on advertising in one year has closed, leaving 1600 students in limbo and 200 staff redundant.

The matchmaking sites for students and tutors

Tutor Paul Leone (right) with Year 12 biology student Benjamin Huang, both of Castle Hill, were connected by the ...

Yuan Wang, of Castle Hill, was looking for a biology tutor for her Year 12 son Benjamin Huang. Paul Leone, of Castle Hill, was a science graduate with a distinction average looking for work. It took her about 30 seconds to find him, and he lived five minutes away.

'Devastating' report shows universities 'failing' students

End Rape on Campus founder Sharna Bremner.

Universities have been accused of "actively covering up sexual assaults" in a submission to the Australian Human Rights Commission, which alleges there have been just six expulsions in the past five years despite more than 500 official complaints.