Firefighter charged over false Triple-0 calls

An on-call firefighter from Young is facing charges over making false Triple-0 fire calls last year.

The firefighter, who was on a fortnightly retainer as well as being paid for hourly work, will also be charged with obtaining a financial advantage by deception.

The 18 year old will face the children's court in his home town after allegedly making calls to Fire and Rescue NSW between July 31 and December 2 when he was 17.

A Fire and Rescue zone commander reported the calls to police, who arrested the man on Wednesday. He was immediately suspended from the service.

According to Fire and Rescue NSW, a retained firefighter is on call 24 hours a day to respond to fire, flood, road traffic accidents or chemical spills.

They are paid a fortnightly retainer payment as well as an hourly rate for their work.

The retainer ranges from $29 for a first-year firefighter to $112 for a captain, and the hourly rate from $29 to $33.

The man was granted bail and will appear before the Young Children's Court on Saturday.