A 14-year-old girl has been granted bail after being charged with the attempted murder of two brothers.

The girl is alleged to have fed brownies laced with a household chemical to the 12 and 13-year-old boys. Neither was harmed in the incident, which is the subject of a closed children's court hearing.

It is alleged the girl, who lived in state care near the brothers, deliberately added a poisonous household chemical to some brownies and fed them to the boys at Richlands, in Brisbane's south-west, on Sunday. ''It was something you would find around the home,'' a police spokesman said.

''It was reported to police after they realised what they were eating wasn't quite right.''

It is understood the brothers told their parents, who contacted police.

The girl has been charged with attempted murder, administering poison with intent to harm, and acts intended to maim.

She is being dealt with under the Youth Justice Act 1992. The Courier-Mail newspaper reported the girl was granted bail at an application hearing yesterday and was to return for a committal mention on November 28.

The girl was living in a government-run shelter for wayward teens, where she was supposed to be under constant supervision.

The Queensland Department of Children's Safety would not comment on details of the case but said it would respond if needed. AAP