Govt urged to fund disabled sex

A South Australian MP wants the state government to fund some sex services for people with disabilities.

Dignity for Disability MP Kelly Vincent has thrown her support behind moves in state parliament to decriminalise prostitution.

She called on all MPs to recognise the benefits of sex workers for the disabled.

''Many people with disabilities are able to access sexual expression without any extra help, but for some people their physical or intellectual condition, communication difficulties or living situation can make it very difficult to find a sexual partner,'' Ms Vincent said.

''For these people sex workers who are skilled in dealing with the needs of people with disabilities are essential.

''I believe it is time for the community to recognise that people with disabilities are sexual beings, just like the rest of the population.''


The private member's bill to decriminalise sex work was introduced to state parliament by Labor MP Steph Key.

It lapsed when parliament was prorogued at the end of last year but Ms Key plans to introduce a revised version soon.

Ms Vincent said she would also lobby the state government to build a wider policy to support and fund the provision of some sex services to people with disabilities.

Ms Vincent said in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany sexual assistants for people with disabilities were given legal status. AAP