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Dr Andrew Katelaris last year with a collection of small cannabis plants to be grown for medicinal uses.

The 'catastrophic' experiments of 'Dr Pot'

A deregistered doctor who injected huge doses of cannabis oil into two women with ovarian cancer has been reported to the police after one patient died and the other suffered major complications.

Surge in ladder falls leading to hospital stay

Molly Meldrum fell from a ladder at home in 2011.

The number of Australians hospitalised every year after falling from a ladder has surged nearly 50 per cent over a decade, coinciding with the rise in popularity of do-it-yourself television programs, a review of medical data has found.

'Fall' is a four-letter word, say experts

Hip fractures, and other common breaks, are predicted to increase with the ageing population.

Nearly three times as many people die each year from falls than car crashes in Australia. Yet international experts say "fall" is often a four-letter word, something many people are reluctant to discuss with those closest to them for fear they will lose independence.

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