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Doctors everywhere - but not enough GPs

The medical workforce is becoming increasingly specialised.

The medical workforce has become skewed to specialist doctors while the number of general practitioners has barely changed in 10 years, in a trend that threatens to undermine the federal government's push for better primary care.

Dozens dead in flu outbreak

Flu season is gathering pace.

A spike in emergency admissions for influenza has signalled that the flu season is gathering pace, with a strain that is tearing through aged care centres.

Parents warned on golden staph symptoms

Hundreds of children are going to hospital with golden staph infections in their blood each year.

The first sign in your child might be a skin infection, fever, or a wound that won't heal. Or maybe one of their joints or bones - a knee or elbow, perhaps - is persistently sore.

The doctors most likely to skip approvals

The revelations have put added pressure on NSW Health Minister Jillian Skinner.

Some medical specialties are more inclined to disregard guidelines on antibiotic use, with orthopaedic surgeons at Royal North Shore Hospital the top offenders among those who skipped the approval process for restricted drugs.

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