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Sydney hospital forced to close to ambulances

Ambulances were told to avoid Nepean Hospital after the ED reached capacity on Monday night.,

Ambulances were forced to bypass a major hospital in Sydney's west on Monday morning after Nepean Hospital's emergency department reached capacity, paramedics and hospital staff say.

How to stay cool in Sydney's big heat

A mass of hot air settles over NSW causing heatwave conditions this week.

As Sydney comes up for air after enduring its first heatwave of 2017, the true extent of the negative health effects caused by soaring temperatures won't be known for some time, health experts say.

No clear air for government's pollution proposals

Australia's fuel quality and emissions standards are the worst in the developed world.

Doctors and health experts have criticised a government review of vehicle emissions and air pollution for underreporting the health risks, sidelining the Minister for Health, and potentially putting thousands of Australians' lives at risk.

Here's a new year diet that might actually work

It's almost as if our weight wants to be maintained.

This year you are going to lose weight. Really. Not like last year, when you tried to eat less and exercise more and ended up no lighter, but by approaching the problem differently. Because calories in and calories out is probably the worst way to think about it.