The federal government will launch an investigation into the legality of stickers being sold to sidestep cigarette plain-packaging laws.

A Gold Coast company called Box Wraps will launch its range of stickers on Wednesday aimed at smokers dissatisfied with the new cigarette packets without trademarks and featuring graphic health warnings.

The stickers feature a range of images such as that of an Australian flag and will be marketed with the slogan, "It's your box, it's your choice".

A spokeswoman for the Department of Health and Ageing said the department will be "immediately investigating this product to evaluate its status" but refused to speculate on what actions could be taken.

Box Wraps general manager Anthony Do Rozario says he came up with the idea after witnessing smoker dissatisfaction with the new plain packets.

"It's a little controversial but it's something I think needs to be done," Mr Do Rozario told ABC radio.

"Everyone deserves that right of choice.

"The important part is that Box Wrap is in no way affiliated with big tobacco. We're not a tobacco company, we're a retail company."

Mr Do Rozario said he'd so far had no contact from the government about his product.