Pirate Party plans raid on Senate seats

After an unsuccessful tilt at the ACT elections, the Pirate Party is broadening its horizons to take aim at Senate seats around the country at the next federal election.

The party has applied to the Australian Electoral Commission to be registered. The application was made by party secretary Brendan Molloy, a software developer, of Balgowlah in NSW.

His application was signed by 10 party members and was accompanied by a list of 500 members, as required for registration by non-parliamentary parties.

The commission will scrutinise the list to ensure named members are eligible to vote.

Despite its catchy name, the Pirate Party campaigns for freedom of information and culture, civil and digital liberties, and governmental transparency.

Canberra IT worker Glen Takkenberg, the party's registered officer, said on Thursday the party had targeted the next federal election.

''In the federal election, we are aiming to get Senate seats, that's our goal, primarily in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland,'' he said. "In the ACT it's almost impossible for us to win a [Senate] seat.''