Police fear American gun culture

One night of peace in Sydney's gangland does not mean the tit-for-tat shooting spree between rival bikie gangs has ended, NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione says.

More likely, he believes Australia's biggest city is shifting towards American gun culture.

Five drive-by incidents occurred in Sydney's west in the early hours of Tuesday morning but the expected retribution did not emerge by yesterday afternoon.

Four of the locations - two houses and two tattoo parlours - have links to the Hells Angels. No one was injured in any of the attacks. ''It's likely that tit-for-tat may well continue,'' Mr Scipione said yesterday.

He said the shootings between rival bikie and other criminal gangs were generally over drugs, turf or organised crime and previously were resolved with a punch-up. ''Well, those days appear to have gone,'' Mr Scipione said.

''Perhaps we're moving down the American path where these sorts of disputes are resolved on the end of a handgun.''

Detectives have yet to determine if a suspected arson attack on a hotel yesterday morning in inner city Chippendale is the latest retribution attack between rival Hells Angels and Nomads bikie gangs.

Federal opposition customs and border protection spokesman Scott Morrison repeated calls for an independent inquiry into Australian Customs and Australia Post, saying they're failing to detect guns being smuggled into the country. AAP