Barnaby's Bingo: Where will public service decentralisation send your department?

Right now, department secretaries across Canberra are frantically trying to work out how to justify why they (and their staff) shouldn't be moved to the bush - in particular to a marginal Nationals electorate.

It's already happened to the APVMA (although the boss won't be making the move after getting a new gig), and who knows who might be next.

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For now, all we know is all federal departments must justify their continued presence in Canberra and other capital cities or else face a forced move to rural or regional Australia.

While the government's ruled out moving entire departments, the way things are changing who knows what will eventually happen. Given the lack of detail and that the policy seems so random, we wondered if it was going to end up as a bit of a lottery to determine who stays and who goes. If it did, maybe this is how the Nationals will work out who to split the departments between their electorates?

Let's play Barnaby's Bingo. Touch or click on start to set the wheels spinning, then stop to find out who's going where.

Please keep in mind this is just a bit of fun, and Barnaby hasn't decided where he's moving Canberra's public servants. Or if he has, he hasn't told us yet...

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