NDIS is creating a mini jobs boom for public servants

The National Disability Insurance Scheme has created a tiny jobs boom for public servants. But the agency looking after the scheme says the fact the jobs were advertised on the same day it received harsh criticism about a lack of progress is merely a coincidence.

It is tough work securing a job in the public service at the moment but a large slab of jobs are now available with the National Disability Insurance Agency.

An independent review has found the agency was like a ''plane that took off before it was fully built and is being completed while it is in the air''.

One of a number of problems it found was a lack of human resources capability and slow recruitment.

The day the report hit the media, last Friday, was the same day the agency advertised for staff. An NDIA spokeswoman said the ads were part of a long-scheduled plan for staffing the trial sites, including the ACT site.

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The agency was also criticised for not having enough senior executives. None of the agency's ads, listed on the Australian Public Service's jobs site, appear to fit this description, although there are management positions available.

The highest ranking positions on offer are for senior local area co-ordinators and a senior planner, who will each be paid up to $105,362 a year.