Parking woes for Attorney-General's staff, who will get no help from the boss

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Another 1200 public servants in Canberra's parliamentary triangle have been told they will get no help from their departments when the precincts new paid-parking regime comes into force next month.

The Attorney-General's department has joined other key public service agencies in the area, Finance, Treasury and the Prime Minister and Cabinet in telling their employees that they are on their own in facing the $12-a-day charge.

The approach is at odds with that of the Defence Department, which will spend millions of dollars offering subsidised parking – at $4-a-day – for its public servants and military personnel at the sprawling Russell and Anzac Park West office complexes on the north shore of Lake Burley Griffin.

Meanwhile,  the National Capital Authority has confirmed that it will pay defence contractor Tenix nearly $1 million to enforce the parking regime in its first two years.

Transgressions of the new parking rules will not be cheap with the Authority confirming it will impose the same parking fines in the Triangle as in forced by ACT authorities in the rest of the city.


Outstaying your ticket will cost you $97, as will most ordinary parking offences, including snaffling a space reserved for Members of Parliament or for government vehicles.

Able-bodied public servants taking up disabled parking spaces will be hit with a $216 fine.

The Authority's agreement with contractor Tenix Solutions shows $961,000 will be paid to supply the workforce to police the new regime until June 2016.

Tenix, which is better-known as a Defence contractor, is currently training its newly recruited force of parking inspectors in Melbourne before they start patrolling the Triangle on October 1.

An spokesman for the Attorney-General's Department said on Wednesday that there would be no Defence-style deals for the department's 1200 workers at its National Circuit HQ.

"The car parks behind the Attorney-General's Department are public car parks and are the responsibility of the National Capital Authority," the spokesman said.

"Our staff have been informed of the proposed pay parking arrangements to commence from 1 October ,2014, consistent with information provided by the NCA.

"The Attorney-General's Department does not propose to implement any new arrangements for parking."